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Hi. I’m super excited about this AI technology. Where can I get officially/certified training on it? I live in Columbia, SC. Thanks!


Continuing the list from the first post

  • Check the server status page

  • Supported countries and territories
  • Error code: 1020 has a few topics already discussing the error, no need to start a new topic.
  • Read all of the OpenAI documentation first even if it may not seem to apply to what you are doing as some information may be in one section that has meaning in another.
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  • This topic Read this before posting a new question is not for introducing yourself, saying hi, etc. for that there is Introduce yourself :blush:
  • This DIscourse site

Related to ChatGPT Web Interface (not ChatGPT API)

  • ChatGPT does not do math or any other form of evaluations. Please read any of the many post talking about math. Update 02/24/2023 ChatGPT now allows plugins such as a Wolfram Alpha plugin, so this is not so much of an issue. Note at present plugins are accessible only for selected users, there is a waitlist.
  • ChatGPT often hallucinates, especially for references for research such as papers and DOI.
  • ChatGPT is a research preview and that converstations should be saved indepdently of the site. Do not take for granted that conversations in the left menu will always be there. (ref)
  • If ChatGPT stops before a answer (completion) is done just ask it to continue. (ref 1) (ref 2)
  • If ChatGPT often replies with “Too many requests in 1 hour. Try again later.” then consider upgrading to ChatGPT Plus. (ref)
  • If using ChatGPT with Chrome and the page is not correctly presented/formatted try Ctrl+F5
  • After several minutes of inactivity on a page the connection to the server will timeout. If you have not interacted with the page lately then click the browsers refresh button
    image, do not use F5, to reestablish a connection. This will often update errors and messages such as

Related to posting on this Discourse site

  • Discourse sites use Askimet to detect spam. If you are a new user and paste in a message then click send it will most likely get flagged by Askimet as spam because it was entered to quickly and considered spam that was generated and not typed in by hand.

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Estou com erro na API 429, porem nunca usei uma requisição desde que mudei para o plano pago. Alguem sabe o que pode ser?