Localhost Dev Plugins not working any more?

Similar to other reports, plugins in localhost seized to work, other prod plugins work fine.
Only localhost Dev Plugin

I think some messup happened on OpenAI front? my plugin model changed from ChatGPT to GPT4 and then local plugins just stopped working.

Logged out and back in, cleared cookies and cache and the issue remain the same, whever I ask my local plugin, ChatGPT just pretend that it doesn’t have any information after 2021.

Are there any status page or any updates from OpenAI?



And one more request please, if there is any maintainance, upgrades, outages that will impact users, appreciate if this can be posted somehow or send notifications via email to user.
Basically I was doing some overhaul to my plugin and really spent hours to debug it thinking it’s an issue with my plugin.
Only when I reverted to the last well known working plugin and it still didn’t work I realized that there should be something with the platform itself.

I appreciate the work that OpenAI do much but communication side can be greatly improved.

Thank you


I’m getting the same issue; I’m glad at least I’m not the only one whose plugin menu disappeared.


Right now, it went from I don’t know any knowledge post 2021 to hallucinating answers and not calling the local API endpoint :smiley:


same here, l’m using gpt-4-plugins model

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same here, Localhost Dev Plugins not working

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same here, l’m using gpt-4-plugins model too


Same here, thanks a lot for bringing this up! :+1:


Same here.
The API interpreting works, but it don’t really invoke the localhost endpoint.

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I believe I also have the same issue - the interpretation of the API seems to be working fine and generating the right request body, but then I never actually see a request made to the localhost server.



Last night it seemed to be alternating between refusing to use the plugin and making requests to the wrong endpoints, adding the http operation to the name (“/get_endpoint” instead of “/endpoint”)

As of this AM it shows it making the correct requests, but the requests dont actually get made (they dont show up in my server logs) and then hallucinating the responses


Hi @logankilpatrick
Could you check on this? it’s been down for quite sometime.

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Is anyone with the ChatGPT Plus plan having that issue as well? I’m using the free plan and have the same issue. ChatGPT claims to send a request to my local server but actually doesn’t. It shows a loading spinner all the time.

Yes, I’m a plus sub, and it seemed to stop working after they enabled GPT-4 for plugins yesterday.
even existing sessions with old the model don’t know how to use the plugin any more.

I am plus sub, UI just changed for me recently and my plugin stopped working. I guess I have to take the weekend off :slight_smile:

Mine seems to be working fine in terms of requesting, but it is not adding the API response to the prompt so it is just inventing URLs and adding them to the list. Might just be a communication problem and the AI is just rolling with the punches.

Thanks for flagging, I am seeing similar issues. Will investigate.


I just got access today and spent the day thinking I’m doing something wrong. Glad to hear it’s a system thing. Waiting for it to start working again :crossed_fingers:

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lol same. it’s sad the chatgpt team do not broadcast the issue.

Thanks, @logankilpatrick
Looks like it started working again.

But another big caveat, only GPT-4 can work with plugin, and with the the very limited cap currently it basically render plugins useless.

Understand the high demand for the awesome GPT-4, but basically the limits either need to significantly increase, or bring back 3.5 with plugins to continue the conversation when the the limit reached. right now if the limit is hit and model is switched, it doesn’t understand plugins any more.

So many kinks need to be worked out, love the work you guys are doing, but please be careful not to break the basic stuff that used to work, I’m sure you know that testing requires lots of back and forth!

Thank you again.