Beta Tester Matching: Community Project for Helping one Another Beta Test

Hey all! I’ve had a blast building with plugins so far, and have shipped several already including chatgptmemory.

I know myself and many others have found it difficult to find beta testers for our plugins since the community with access to unverified plugins is still so limited (even my own teammates often can’t test).

To help solve that, I’ve created a little matchmaking community for people with access to install unverified plugins to request beta testers and sign up to beta test themself. It’s very low-key, just for developers who want to help out other developers. You can use the below links to sign up.

Request Beta Testers for your plugin:
Sign up to beta test others’ plugins:


Ah perfect, have been looking for something like this. Thank you for setting it up. Just signed up

Just signed up: listed my plugin and volunteered to test.
One issue - my existing plugin isn’t free (for me) to run, so I may need to take it down if traffic gets too high (that should be my biggest problem, right?). I’m ok with use in actual chat sessions, but wouldn’t want an automated bot hammering at it.

Hey Bruce! No worries on bot. All real users testing. I’ll take a look at your submission tomorrow and try to get you matched!


Hey thanks for that! Submitted both forms!