Questions about ChatGPT Plus

Actually I am using the free version of the Browser-based chatGPT (no API).
After a certain amount of prompts the communications is cut off, message:
“Too many requests in 1 hour. Try again later.”
Of course I can understand that from a ressources point of view.

This is why I am considering a switch to the Pro-Plan. Unfortunately I couldn’t find out yet, if there are more prompts/conversations possible with the paid plan or if the communication is cut off all the same.
Has someone using the Pro-Plan experenced this message?
thank you very much.

No, I have not received that message as ChatGPT Plus user.


thank you for your answer, that sounds good. did you ever receive it before when using the free web interface?

Yes, I have, many many times!

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ok, then I will have to switch to the paid version. thank you!

Hello, since you have access to ChatGpt Plus, I was wondering if you knew whether ChatGPT Plus still has the 500 word input limit? Thanks!

I just did a test, and ChatGPT Plus accepted ~2,300 words as input.

It seems to fail somewhere >2,500 words.