Where is the support team, please? 😡

There is no email support in https://help.openai.com/
when you ask simple Questions from Help ChatBOT

it will respnosne with message like this
and there is no link to contact support

That is because there is no release date for GPT-4 32K. It is still in very limited alpha testing.

There are no waitlists or application channels.

Problem is not GPT-4 32k
Problem is as a paid user i dont have access to contact support


I understand your frustration, but the fact is there are less than 500 people currently working at OpenAI and millions of developers, 10’s of thousands of whom require support at any one time, so speaking to a human that works for OpenAI in less that a few weeks is usually not possible.

There is this developer forum where there are many other developers who have been through or are going through the same or similar issues to yourself and there is a discord with similar facilities.

Being a developer for a popular service has always been a challenging environment while that service is growing.


We could go back to the pricing plan from two years ago. $100/mo for 2M tokens and priority support, or $400 for 10M.

Even were there support personnel at the scale of 100M+ novice users, consider how much of a “paid user” you actually are and the by-the-minute cost of an hourly employee to answer your every question.

There’s no need to return, you can add such a plan. I have no problem paying 400 dollars. I want the product I buy to work.

Moreover, the problem isn’t the slow response from support. The problem is that there is no contact address from support on the website. The chat bot keeps saying to talk to the team but it doesn’t say how.

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support@openai.com is the email address, but it will take time to get a reply from it.

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  1. Go to help.openai.com
  2. In a supported browser (not my nicely privacy-blocked Firefox) there will be a chat widget icon at the lower right
  3. Click to open the dialog
  4. Click the bottom middle “message” button
  5. Click “send us a message”
  6. See the disclaimer about support volume
  7. Ask a question that’s actually about your account that cannot be answered by anyone except an OpenAI employee.

This forum is a good place to ask about any other question that a community of non-employee enthusiasts could answer.

What support team. We all know by now openai does not care about us. They dont care if you use there service or not. They only care about that next big funding check.

I have asked this before: Why not create a support team? It wouldn’t cost a fraction of their development team, and Lord knows they’ve got the money. The support team could use the same AI tech we are all using to streamline and multiply their effectiveness and reach. Using AI, you don’t think a support team of, say 100 remote support workers couldn’t deal with 10s of thousands of requests within a reasonable amount of time? (i.e., days instead of months?)

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It’s hopefully what the Community Champion program will help to create. A bridge between the super busy staff members and the developer community who need answers to common technical and procedural queries, although in this case, no system would of been sufficient as the outcome the OP wanted is not possible.

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At least I’ve never got any reply from them, ever.

OpenAI does actually have a support team that’s working really hard to get though the backlog.

I’ve tried reaching out to them though help.openai.com and they do actually answer, it just takes a few months :heart:


Please don’t misunderstand. I really, really appreciate the assistance and advice I have received from Community Champions (like yourself) and others on this platform. It has been extremely helpful in my journey, and I try to pay it back by helping others when I can.

I’m just agreeing with those who say OpenAI could and should do better in the area of customer support.

I also think EVERYBODY who is helped out in this forum should return to help others.


Hi, I see you’re a community champion. I’m new to this forum, looking forward to learning more about chatgpt. Can I get your contact information in case I have questions, email maybe? Thanks.

Questions are better asked on the forum, so the time to answer can benefit all.

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Regular, can you tell me how please. Thank you.

Here’s how you can use the forum in a way that others benefit from the answers that someone has taken the effort to write out for you:

  1. Do a search. You might find that your question has already been answered. If you find a recent topic that is basically the same as your question, you can continue there.
  2. Consider what you have already attempted, and what information would be required for someone to understand the environment you are using, the task you are trying to perform, and the challenges you are encountering.
  3. Is the question about your account? Forum users are just regular people, we can’t access that info. help.openai.com is the place to send a message specifically about account or payment problems.
  4. Choose the most appropriate forum category, such as “API, Prompting, or ChatGPT-bugs”
  5. Share. Create “new topic” with a descriptive title that intrigues someone enough to answer just out of their helpful nature.

I hope that this will help you find the information you are looking for, or get help with unique and novel problems you are having. - _j (a forum ‘regular’)

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Send them an email, A.F@openai.intercom-mail.com , Or check their discord. Hope it helps :eyes:

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I agree with @_j here, it’s better to just create a topic with your question here on the forum, we have a few community Champions, a handful of regulars, and +300.000 other users that can help you answer your question :laughing:

If you want to message someone specifically you can do it here on the forum, just click their profile picture and this will pop-up:

It will get automatically delivered to their email too :wink:

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