Account deactivated and still charged by OpenAI

Dear Staff

On 2/25/2024 OPENAI charged team monthly subscription fee ($210 for 7 seats) and few days layer my team accounts were deactivated.

I guess one of the member used VPN and triggered openai’s security policy.

I’m trying to reach the customer support through but there has been no respond for more than a week.
I’m hoping Openai to restore my accounts. If that’s not possible, please refund my monthly subscription fee since I didn’t receive any service from OPENAI.

The admin account of the team was:
If you need any more information please let me know.


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Hello. Unfortunately, staff doesn’t monitor this website (closely?).

You’ll want to keep trying with If your team member used ChatGPT from a banned country, the account might not be recoverable.

Again, though, we’re non-employees here for the most part and cannot help with account problems at all.

Reach out to and keep trying…

Good luck.


Thanks for your reply!
I’ll keep trying and hope the staff could see the post too.

Have a nice day!


Still no reply from support for another week.
Does the customer support exist?

Probably go to your credit card company and file a dispute on the grounds that what you paid for was not provided. My account got shut down too without explanation and they are not responding. Next step will be to lodge a chargeback with my bank.