Has anyone ever had a response from customer service ? 4 MONTHS I'M WAINTING

Hello, I’m writing this message because I’ve been waiting for a response from OpenAI customer service for 4 months, but no matter how much I call back, no one responds. does anyone have a contact?

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First, welcome to the community!

I recently got a response from OpenAI customer support but to be honest I have zero idea what the issue was I had contacted them about.

They’re support is clearly overwhelmed and backlogged by several months as they scaled from a free thousand users to a few hundred million in about 6-months.

This is just to let you know you’re not alone. Many people have been in your same position and while it’s unfortunate, I’m sure they are doing their best to get to you as soon as possible.

Depending on your issue, someone here might be able to help. We can’t do anything about billing or account issues, but if you need help with any of the OpenAI models someone here can almost surely assist.

I hope you stick around and continue to engage here, there’s many very knowledgeable people lurking around and I learn something new here everyday!

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Thank you for your answer. I can understand that they are overloaded but not responding to a company from which you unduly took $5,000 twice is bordering on incompetence.

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Per their website the best way to contact them about a billing situation is through help.openai.com.


If you have multiple, erroneous $5,000 charges for the API, I expect they would be able to get around to that fairly quickly, as you must be an extreme outlier—at the pace and rate OpenAI is extending API limits you must have requested increases at least four or five times over the last year or so. I don’t believe many developers have limits anywhere near that high.

The other thing you should do is reach out to your financial institution, they can often be much quicker at getting these things resolved. Occasionally (but not always) they will have access to more direct means of contacting merchants (email or phone) to verify charges.

In any event, you should try again through help.openai.com. Include in your message the dates, amounts, and transaction IDs (available from your financial institution) of the charges you believe are in error, a detailed explanation of why you believe these charges are erroneous, and the resolution you are expecting.

Be polite, businesslike, and unemotional in your message. Remember no one is deliberately targeting you with this—certainly not the individual who needs to read and respond to your message—even though it might feel that way. This appears to simply be a mistake, albeit a very big and painful one for you.

Trust that the person on the other end will be sympathetic and want to help you resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

If you do get an opportunity to speak directly with someone either via chat or email, you might consider asking them if there is a better, more direct way for you (or others in the same situation) to get help in resolving these billing issues should they happen again in the future.

Please update us as the situation progresses, you’re not alone in experiencing billing woes or in having difficulty reaching support. Others will certainly benefit if you share more details about your experiences—good or bad—and what you found useful or not while navigating their support apparatus.

My account is hacked and they won’t respond to my request to fix my account. I have people form all over the world using my account while I’m paying for it.

Customer services sucks.

That’s not the point, and entirely off-topic and irrelevant. This is a business transaction not a favor from a friend.

It’s negligence. They should have scaled up at a pace they could manage and sustain.

They weren’t ready. Growing pains are normal, this is not.

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