Sent In a Support Email But No Response

Hi All,

I have sent in a support email a couple of weeks ago and subsequent follow up emails multiple times. I still have not received a response. Is this normal? What is the best way to get ahold of support?


Through here honestly. It took MONTHS for them to respond.
There are a lot of knowledgable people on this platform to help you out! Whats your question?

It might just not be ready for large scale production applications but I sent them the below.

I had a few questions regarding the app review process.

We are looking to use open AI for a couple different scenarios, however, one of the things I notice in the application review is that we need to walk you through everything AFTER it is built. That is a ton of dev to be done for it to possibly get rejected and then all of that development time is wasted. I don’t expect anything that we are doing to go against the guidelines but it makes me a bit nervous to put that much work in with the uncertainty that it will get approved for us to use on a larger scale.

With the information provided below, does anything look like it might cause us to be rejected and is it possible to get “pre-approval” based on following specific guidelines given.

Scenarios we would like to use:

  1. Keyword extraction from video transcripts
  2. Create Smart Replies for an advisor to use based on customers response
  3. TLDR for video transcripts
  4. Sentiment Analysis
  5. Grammar Correction
  6. Translation

How it will be used:

  1. Will be on an enterprise production scale (currently have 1370 dealerships however will only be turned on for dealers that pay for it)
  2. All requests to openAi will be automated, no end users will have the ability to manually use openAi.
  3. Only the above scenarios will be used. Smart Reply, TLDR and Grammar correction are the only calls that will make it to the dealership customer but would all be reviewed by a dealership employee prior to being sent to the customer.

Please let me know if any of the above would be an issue and if there is any way we can get some sort of “pre-approval” before we start coding all of this.

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Oh wow. I have no idea, about any of this stuff. Once again create a topic about this. Thanks!

(Just a little interested what programming language will you use for the application?)

The application is in Java currently

Ok, thanks! Good luck!

I am watching this thread also, But in case @austin1, you, move it somewhere else or get some new insights, may I request you to kindly mention that in this thread please. Will be very helpful. I want to also know what is the general view on this.

Thanks for bringing this up.

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I too sent in some emails two months ago about the app review process and had no answer. So I filled out the form for application submission and made a video as requested.

In 2 days’ time I got a reply. This worked for me.

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I am getting access denied when trying to open ChatGPT? Anybody knows the solution?

Please create a new thread @proj2q Will you send over a screenshot of the error message?

Hey, seems like you have been through the ride already.

I havea very simple problem that I am trxing to solve but this horrible Open AI service wont help and its starting to feel in my Wallet. I am basically paing for 6 Subscription for employees of the company I am workingfor. The only way I am getting the money for the subscripion back is by sending the Invoices to my Company. .the Problem is, I am not receiving any. Not via Mail and not in the Billing info Tab in OpeAI (see below) any Ideas how I can solve it myself? Because as you say. The 24h Promise i just straight BS. Startingto wish I never started using this addictive tool.

Oh and another weird Thing. I also bought DALLE Trying i out but honstly switched right back to Midjourney after. And fo DALLE the billing worked they send all I needed. So Not sureif I may be missing smt.

and IDK if its me, but the message on how to contact support about Billing I dont understand.