Making the use of plugins just that little bit easier

Hey to whomever it may concern,

so this is my first time posting on here, also posting in general. I have some questions really that I really appreciate some clarity on…

why is the plugins drop down so difficult to use? Why scroll, scroll and scroll to find the plugins you’re looking for? Why is there not the ability to save previously used plugin combinations for future use, rather than having to repeat the scrolling process? Why is there no search bar within a users plugin section, but in the plugin store there is?

Regardless, I wish you all a very good day and hope some might understand :slight_smile:

Really would like to see a “tableau” plugin also, hopefully…

All the best,

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Welcome to the forum and congratulations on a fist post.

ChatGPT plugins are basically in alpha phase, might even be considered pre-alpha but I don’t know what they refer to it as internally. If you have access to ChatGPT plugins consider yourself fortunate. If you have access to ChatGPT plugin development then consider yourself a chosen one.

If you are making these as suggestions then I hate to tell you that the OpenAI staff will probably never read your post. The way to get your ChatGPT plugin suggestions noticed is

Plugin developer experience improvements, feedback needed!

If you read the post

Read this before posting a new question

the above link was noted here. :slightly_smiling_face:

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