Bugs about plugins sort order

When plugin feature is selected, the initial loading of the plugin list is unordered.

However, after performing a random search in the plugin’s search box,

and then reopening the plugin list, the plugins are displayed in alphabetical order from A to Z.

I am a new user so I can’t provide any links in this topic, I will provide links in the reply.

Furthermore, I have a few suggestions:

  • It would be beneficial to improve the plugin dropdown list by adding a search box, not just within the store. This would allow GPT players to enter keywords and directly select the desired plugin. The current process of scrolling through the mouse to find a plugin is time-consuming.

  • It would be ideal for the official platform to provide a comprehensive list of all plugins, including descriptions and corresponding tags for each plugin. This approach would enhance the frequency of plugin usage for users. With over 200 plugins in the store, most users might be deterred by the sheer number. Although I have compiled a list, it becomes troublesome for me to update it regularly since the plugin store introduces new plugins daily. I suggest that the official platform issue update announcements, specifying which plugins have been updated, and provide an updated plugin list with descriptions and tags for the new plugins, making it easier for users to find them.

imgur dot com/a/loX2O1a

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Here is the way to get your suggestions noticed.

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That is what allowed me to quickly get to the other items noted here.