Plugin Store needs some moderation, ranking and filtering!

It’s cluttered with apps of very limited use, usually restricted to a small geographical area of the world.

Like… a plugin that connects to a store that have gifts sent wrapped to you. Right, will they send it to Brazil? No. What if every damn store in the world starts creating their own plugins for ChatGPT? That’s just ONE example.

Plugins should be assigned categories and tags for search. Like… PAID, FREE. Local Use, Global Use… CODING, IMAGE, CHARTS, DATA ANALYSIS, TRADING ASSISTANT, SHOPPING ASSISTANT, etc.



Many of us are in the boat with you on this , however OpenAI has a very limited staff and if you check the careers page you will see many openings (05/30/2023).

As many of us regulars on this Discourse forum note for such post on this site, please be patient.

If you would like a third-party list with more of what you seek then have you seen this?

Thanks Eric. It seems some of those plugins require installing through the “install your own plugin” button, which is only available for people who joined the waitlist as “plugin developers”.

You can use text search on ZapVine. I keep it updated daily.

Disclosure: I was granted access to the plugins for being helpful on this forum.

These are the options I see related to what you noted


Are you seeing something different?

Yes, to most mortals with Plus Access, only ABOUT PLUGINS appear.

Thanks for the screen shot. I thought all Plus users had plugins by now; this was of value to me in helping others.

I am still a mere mortal, just also someone who is happy to help on this site. :slightly_smiling_face:


“all Plus users had plugins by now”

as you can see, all plus users have plugins, just not Alpha Features (like Code Interpreter) or access to develop our own plugins, which is needed for some other plugins on Github, not on the store.


Thanks for clarifying.

You really are helping me learn about the nuances of this.

2 Likes has nifty search/filter tool and includes all the manifests of all plugins in the OpenAI plugin section. Give it a shot and let me know if there’s anything else that might be helpful!

2 Likes is actually really cool. i wish you much success with it!

My opinion is that OpenAI should eat their own dog food and do the entire plugin store in the ChatGPT UI. Why not use ChatGPT to discover plugins? ChatGPT can already do search and nice summaries. Ask it what you want and then tell it to install.

1 Like didn’t last long, ay? Just for sale now?

Do you mean (no L)?

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We’ve done a plugin to search and summarize plugins through conversation : You can try it here

Most plugins that are proposed can then be used without going through the plugin store installation process, just one click in a link in the conversation

You can try for example
- plugins to retrieve fresh news from the web
- plugins to help me organizing my trip in Korea
- The 2 most relevants plugins to draw diagrams within chatGPT
- Ask OhMyPlug to give me more info on plugin “Eraser”
- …

You can find all plugins in a single JSON file here: GitHub - copilot-us/chatgpt-plugins: Official ChatGPT Plugins🧩
I update the list a few times per week.