Plugin Discovery in the Store

Are there any plans to make it easier to discover new plugins? Rather than the New and All pages just being randomly sorted?

Right now there’s only keyword search and we have to rely on our plugin being in the first 1-5 pages for people to discover them.

Categories would be good but I know Logan said that’s not the priority right now, so I’m curious to hear what developers think.


It would make sense that in time there will be highlighted Plugins and other ways to get noticed, something along those lines seems like a pretty good idea.

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When plugins first came out sites that listed them starting appearing. Here are a few of the early ones, some are quite useful.

Sites such as this now pop up like weeds and I don’t look for more as even that is time consuming and the first one listed currently serves me well.

Note: The above was posted here but is not so easy to find so also posting here as this topic has a title much more specific to the issue.


Works well but it’s hard to find good plugins that work

You can try the Avian plugin if you want to access any API or business data like Google Analytics, Facebook Ads etc. is very smart. How does it get all the plugin info? It even has the submission info intended for the OpenAI reviewers. It seems more than a simple web scaping technique.

Would you shed light on it?

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Hi ! You can also try to use OhMyPlug to get plugins suggestions or detailed infos, based on conversation context or specific request

It’s still difficult. Especially for Oauth plugins, when the download process is more complicated.

Only way to win seems to be to be listed in the top downloaded plugins, which is hard to do as an Oauth plugin anyway.