Feedback - Please make search to find ChatGPT Plugins

Hi OpenAI,

The title basically explains it: absolutely love Plugins and I love developing for this new platform, but we need a search bar and a way to tag our Plugins. As the Plugin store increases, it’s becoming incredibly cumbersome to ask my users to “hopefully find it” through 12 pages of plugins :wink:

I mean this in the most constructive way possible. Even if the search sucks initially, it’s better than nothing!

Appreciate it as always.


Certainly agree with you there. It is incredibly cumbersome in its current implementation.


Yes, I up that!
A search would be helpful :slight_smile:


Yes, I’ve noticed this issue as well. In the future, we definitely need to introduce category separation and a search feature.


Team is aware of this! We want search too : ) Hang tight!


This! Also having a permalink to the plugin would be very helpful, so you can have tell users to just click a link to install (would also make referencing plugins in general much easier).

Agree 100%, search would be awesome.

Maybe you could also have the plugin link installable if given within a ChatGPT response. The use case is: User asks ChatGPT what plugins could assist them in travel plans. ChatGPT UI responds with some info and links. User clicks links and initiates an install.


For now you can try
I also host a soon to be dynamically updated version of the list of store plugins on the -OMARG-AIR-AID GitHub repository. Ask your web connected ChatGPT about #OMARG-OS and enjoy the magic.

Here’s a list:

Or for more traditional text search

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Original content after ChatGPT filtration:

Although the OpenAI plugin marketplace has made strides in usability by making plugins searchable, there’s still room for improvement. The current user interface feels too condensed, making even the search functionality less effective than it could be.

One potential solution could be the introduction of a rating system. This would allow users to quickly gauge the quality and usefulness of a plugin based on community feedback. Additionally, a review section could provide more detailed insights into the experiences of other users, including their methods of using the plugins.

The current layout, which displays only eight plugins per page on PC browsers and four per page on mobile, could also benefit from a redesign. A scrollable plugin store would offer a more seamless and user-friendly browsing experience.

Lastly, transparency is crucial when it comes to external website access during plugin installation. Users should be fully informed when and why a plugin needs to access an external website. This would not only enhance security but also prevent the disorientation of being unexpectedly redirected offsite, which currently disrupts the browsing experience and forces users to start over.

By implementing these changes, we can make the OpenAI plugin marketplace more accessible, user-friendly, and efficient for all users.

Original content before filtration: Plugins are now searchable but the UI is far too condensed for even searching to be a complete solution. I saw mention of and agree that implementing a ratings system could improve navigation of plugins, perhaps even also a review section that would enable us to offer reviews and methods of use of those plugins.

A scrollable plugin store would also be much more useful and accessible, than the current 8 objects per page on PC browsers and i think 4 per page in mobile layout.

We should also be fully informed when and why a plugin needs to access an external website to be installed as this makes navigating the store even more tedious forcing us to start over and the list is rarely redisplayed in the same exact arrangement it was when we unexpeftedly ended up offsite and had to go back to the beginning again.

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