Horrible customer support

What is the story with OpenAI customer support? There is no support through these forums and when you click the help link and attempt to contact support you never get a reply. I have submitted half a dozen requests for help, from 2 accounts, over the last 15 weeks, and have yet to receive a single reply.

What’s the point in offering a help chat at all if you’re not going to reply to it?

We’re paying customers, as are many others, and we’re not getting support for what we’re paying for, which is quite ridiculous. People’s accounts are being banned with no recourse. We’re having technical problems with our accounts and nobody is helping us.

Clearly, this is a serious shortcoming with this service that needs to be addressed immediately.


Welcome to the Forums,

Can you give a description of your issue?


Have you looked at the OpenAI careers page?

Do you know someone who might be able to fill the position(s) related to your need?

Just keeping things on a positive and goal oriented note. :slightly_smiling_face:


For starters, the CEO of our company can’t use the services nor join our team because every time he tries to accept the invitation to our organization it says his phone number is already used on two different accounts. He’s never used ChatGPT so that can’t possibly be true.


While I am not a CEO and possess my personal account, still, I have identical issue where i cannot creat my working account to keep my private account from working. It creats a huge issue to such degrees that I literally would be forst to use Google’s services


Completely agree, I’m a chatgpt plus member for sometime and i still don’t have the web browser plugin, I’ve done numerus complaints and raised the topic several times, still I’m getting the same response “we’re fixing the issues and will bring the web browsing plugin in few days” (this was in May 2022)

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I can second the horrible customer support. I have been trying to get support for weeks now. It really feels like OpenAI does not care about its customers at all. It feels like all they care about is securing that next multi million dollar investment. When openai first came out I was all for it. Now I am just appalled at how they treat there paying customers. I have been trying since the 8th of July. Here are some screenshots.
July - 8th

It is now July 20th and guess what… not only was I billed a second time, I still have no access. They clearly do not care one damned bit.


I think it’s a priority issue. I mean, I get that they have all their best people working on improving the AI. We all benefit from that.

But, with all the gazillions of dollars and AI power at their disposal, you would think that they could put together a team especially dedicated to customer support whose top priority would be to get back to customers within a reasonable amount of time. I mean, we literally have thousands of people using OpenAI models to develop customer support systems, and OpenAI doesn’t appear to have one at all?


Thank goodness this is not OpenAi responding. i’d be terrified.


OpenAI currently has less than 500 employees, but they do have a support team that’s working really hard to get though the backlog.

I’ve tried reaching out to them though help.openai.com and they do actually answer, it just takes a few months :heart:


If waiting time is an issue I would just get another phone number while you wait :laughing:


ChatGPT visits per month
November 2022 ~0
June 2022: 1.6 billion

Amazon visits per month
June 2022: 2.5 billion

A product that goes from zero to killer app with 100 million+ accounts, a few with problems… If even one-tenth of one percent of the users sent a single email, and they were read at a rate of one per per minute continuously, it would take over two months*…to just be further behind.


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Well, due to recent news about the company, it is hardly surprising.

If the board of directors oust the co-founder Sam Altman who is immediately hired by Microsoft (who poured billions of dollars into OpenAI), just to u-turn and beg for him to come back, in addition to the majority of the employees at OpenAI threaten to quit the company, what standard do you expect?

The corporate structure of OpenAI is a complete mess and their biggest investor (Microsoft) is more than happy to forfeit the billions of dollars they invested into the company as long as they can get their human assets. This does say a lot about OpenAI and I think proving adequate customer support is currently the least of their worries.

I keep getting kicked off for hours at a time if I mention to GPT that it’s not generating the correct output. Originally it would be after a half hour or 45 minutes of this type of problem but now it’s after a few minutes and I get kicked off for hours at a time and can’t get a hold of support I’m considering just reversing the charges through my credit card company. I think this is fraud. Has anybody else tried this? I mean it would be nice to use the app but it barely works

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The support quality at the moment is way below optimal. I have money on my OpenAI account, but I cannot use them since already 1 week due to 429 response. Working process is blocked and I have to urgently evaluate the alternatives.

Every time I write to the support my situation about the fact that:

  • I am on the paid plan
  • I have money on my balance
  • According to the usage page, I did not exceed any limits
  • I even have my API keys rotated
  • and I receive 429 when calling api

, the response looks like they do not even read the question, because they advise to:

  • check my free tier limit (I am on the paid plan!)
  • check my balance (while I just wrote that money are there)
  • check my quotas (I sure did)

and they just ignore further communications attempts.


Since yesterday chatgpt4 can’t create images. Anybody having same issue? How to fix? And I can’t find a way to report the problem and OpenAI says on there status site that’s everything is working.

It is best not to assume that you can write the function better than AI. If the AI believed that what looks like JSON is what is to be sent to dall-e, it might omit required parameters.

Your alien works today, with what I know is required to get quality on top of custom instructions:

dalle tall image: {
“prompt”: “A full-body portrait of a humanoid alien. The alien has an elongated head, large, expressive eyes in a color not typical for humans, and skin in unusual shades like green or blue. The alien’s limbs are longer and more slender than a human’s limbs. The background is abstract and ethereal to enhance the alien atmosphere. Alien’s clothing is futuristic or non-traditional, emphasizing the creature’s uniqueness. The alien figure stands in a natural pose, allowing a clear view of its characteristics and features. Sharp, detailed, textured imagery. Full-body-length image in tall aspect ratio.”

(used without rewriting)


Thanks man!

The chatgpt works fine again.
I did not assume I could write the code better. I wrote something like: “draw a alien how looks like a human, draw the full body, draw it in portrait”

And the chatgpt keep answering like the screen shot I posted, it tried to do the image: but kept answering in text. Then it sad something like: it seems like there been an issue, let my try a different approach.

Then sorry for not be able to help you, and so on.

But anyway, it’s works now!


Very cool alien @_j

Here is his girlfriend. :rofl: (created with ChatGPT)