Customer support is a joke

already 1 week and they did not reply anything at all!

My account was blocked and they charged my credit card, nice scam really.


It is worth contacting and selecting “Ask Question” and raising your issue again, I hope everything works out for you.

I just received an answer for a question I sent about 6 weeks ago. So you still have to sit tight for a few more weeks.


How can I log out of all devices? Changing password does nothing. Is deleting my paid account the only way??


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Hi, you have a valid concern, and one that OpenAI should consider: open sessions should be deauthenticated or have their authentication revoked if a user changes their password, not continue operating on their cookies as long as that unauthorized user keeps their client open.

You should explain the concern you have to make the scenario apparent and needing attention (such as your child is logged into your account and asking rude questions, and you want to change the password to turn off their persistent connection.)

There currently no management interface exposed in the user portal that lets you see a login history or logged in devices, or a way to revoke permission granted for that device to automatically authenticate (like you would do for your google account or banking).

It is natural that an AI can’t answer specific questions on a company’s proprietary software that is newer than when it was trained, though.

It absolutely is!!! I’ve contacted them more than 10 times, on chat and in email and the REFUSE to help me and have not responded to ANY of my requests. I signed up for an account, logged in once, and now it’s acting like I never set it up!!! I need my account for MY JOB. This is insane

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You can’t really take a lack of a response as a refusal. This is insanely popular technology. I can only imagine how overwhelmed they are.

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When you send multiple emails and multiple chats, all with the exact same request, all unanswered for months (yes, MONTHS. I’ve sent the exact same request for the past 3/4 months)…yeah…at that point, it is a refusal to help IMO. I resorted to changing my phone number, so at least I can now get in, but it’s insane that I had to do that. Like I said, I need a pro account for my actual job, and the lack of support to fix these issues is terrible


So you basically create 10 times the work with emails that fill up the customer support inbox that they still have to try to contact you and resolve long after its been finished, and then complain about the overload you created…

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Sent them each at 2/3 week intervals…if you can’t answer my email in 2 weeks, which they say they will, I’m sending another. Like any other person not getting any response within the timeframe they claim they will get back to you, you get duplicate requests. If they had even bothered to reply to the first, which they did not, I wouldn’t continue sending requests. They can’t even manage to say “we’re working on it”. Also adding that the very first request I sent, I waited a solid 5 weeks. If support can’t see that they’re getting emails from the same person over the course of nearly 5 months, sorry, you’re bad at your job.

Your complaints are valid. My only thought with what you wrote recently was relying on a very new form of technology that you say you need for your job is probably not the best situation to be in and your difficulty in getting a response is one of those reasons why.

I hope you’re able to get it fixed soon.

I had to change my actual phone number, so I finally have access to my account again.

The thing about this that is crazy is that I logged in the first time with my email and original phone #, and went through and verified. I log out one day. I go to login the next, and I get pushed through to phone verification again. I had another account already with my personal email and my phone number, so when I tried to verify, it claimed the number was associated with the max # of accounts. Obviously not the case, I’m literally logging into the account associated with the phone number. It’s like it erased my initial verification, yet remebered the # was used on two accounts.

Like I said, I completely changed my phone number and my account is now active and linked to the new number, but this is a serious issue they should have resolved without me needing to change my number.

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I don’t know what your job is, but see if your company can get a Microsoft OpenAI Account. It takes about a week and a half to get approved. I got approved pretty fast, but that is because my company has been around for over a year and I already had an Azure account.

Microsoft is much more responsive and they don’t have all the junior level startup problems that OpenAI has. They are new and growing, so if you need something mission critical capable, I’d go with Microsoft. As someone who has been through the startup ringer myself, technical moat and seizing open ground is more important than customer support when you’re the only one around and people want your product even in its broken state.

As someone once told me, all advantages are time advantages, and customer support isn’t a priority right now for these guys.