API Suspended since July, Won't deduct from added account credit


My API access was suspended when I suddenly wasn’t able to pay any longer using all my cards that worked fine before July. Since then, I tried many times and none of my cards worked.

Quite recently, I discovered I could now add account credits manually to my account and was successfully able to add funds to my account as account credit using the same cards, however, despite adding more than the invoice amount to my account credit, my API access remains suspended and no matter how many messages I send to the support chat, the bot replies have been completely inhuman.

I hate to say this has finally frustrated me so much that I have started to hate OpenAI, despite being a huge fan of what it’s been doing through such wonderful services as ChatGPT and OpenAI APIs.

Is there anybody at all who can get this heard by somebody at OpenAI who can actually resolve this issue? I’ll be extremely grateful.



Best to take it up here: Account, login and billing | OpenAI Help Center

Try sending a message via chat icon on page.

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Man, don’t get stressed about your account. Create a new account, then ask for a deletion of your old account and get a refund.

If you need a phone number, look up smspool.

I already tried that several times. That’s of no use. From July till now, nobody has even looked at my messages properly, sent through the chat. All I get is pre-written response templates. Clearly, the chat is 100% bots, no humans.

I haven’t seen such a horrible customer support or billing system in place in the past 20 years in IT.

Not only that, today when I decided to cancel my API subscription account out of frustration, all the funds that I added to my account credit simply disappeared and my API remains suspended.

I have posted here, I’ve gone to the OpenAI Discord with this issue and absolutely nobody cares about getting it resolved.


Thanks for your response, and although that’s pretty easy for you to say in your position, in my situation it’s extremely ignorant and downright unprofessional, no matter how busy they might be developing their products. If you’re charging somebody to use your services, it’s pretty much criminal to ignore your customers mainly when they are having a billing issue that completely prevents them from using a service at all, despite adding funds manually to their account credit.

I had been a ChatGPT Plus subscriber from the day it became available in my country and I have a lot of important chat threads in there. I don’t want to have to log into two separate accounts to be able to use services from the same company.

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Closing your API account while there is a credit would get you the expected “no access” to your credits, and the terms of use are “no refunds for credits”, so that was a mis-step.

To use the help assistant, one must not only step through the predetermined answer path, but you must also phrase your question in a way that neither a bot nor an outsourced answer-clicker can answer. Be direct, writing something like: “OpenAI staff required to correct API account payment not being properly credited, and account status needs to be changed from accidentally cancelled to fully operational”.

If your account was terminated with cause, you will likely be black-holed for messages or reversal also. Stiffing OpenAI when your bill comes due may be a case where they classify all those violating accounts as fraud risk. Such policies, or even why they will suspend accounts for non-terms reasons such as sexy waifu jailbreaks, seem to be not open for later negotiation.

Thanks for your thoughts!

I tried to phrase my messages with full clarity and completeness in 3 separate chat threads that I have created so far and I’m not a noob in the software and IT industry to not have a clue how this works.

And there was no “ill-attempt” EVER through my account. The government decided to kill subscriptions on all our cards and the same cards that had been working for both ChatGPT Plus as well as the API account started getting declined by OpenAI. The last payment due was of $10.30 that got the API access suspended because none of my cards work anymore, despite roughly 5 months having passed already.

2 days ago, I discovered that I could now add account credits. In lack of a human response from OpenAI, I thought if I add account credits (using the VERY same cards), the API access should resume after deducting the pending invoice amount from the added fund but to my disappointment, not only my API access remained suspended, when I contacted the support again through the chatbot, I once again got the same dreadful pre-written response template.

This is what a monopoly looks like. Since they think they have got the best APIs right now, they can ignore the hell out of customers and nothing is going to happen to them.

I have wasted enough time on this and now I am at a point where I see no other way but to walk away. The world is watching what shoddy business practices they are running here. No wonder all the bad company culture came out to the whole world through such a recent board drama, and yet nobody truly knows what actually happened. How long can you hide behind the curtain of shiny products?

I feel so disappointed in this company, that I loved and was a huge fan of, and used to talk and share so passionately about. The lack of care for their customers can’t beat my horrible experience with their customer support.

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Excuse me. This is your Solution? Some users have a tier with different levels and have spend thousands of dollars to reach this.

no one cares - clearly. I have been cancelled I guess for no known reason. No help. no notice, no support. Terrible

Good luck bro/sis with the API. I felt that months ago. It’s like walking on eggshells but you have to pay for having the access the narrow road full of eggshells, while that is the only ‘shiny path’ that you can tread on, especially when you’re on an enterprise or team account where everyone else uses OpenAI API.
Fearing that one day you won’t get access to the API due to even slight missteps (even if it’s not) or some “keywords” that trigger the flagging.
Or your customer requires you to include some sensitive keywords that you cannot avoid or if you rephrase it, the meaning will be totally lost.

OpenAI has lost it due to their extreme censoring and guidelines (also probably other AGI providers due to the extreme PC climate in the west with all those BS rulings and laws). But, I understand that and will react accordingly. I also still have some savings on my other account but with the risks of being ‘banned’ arbitrarily by their “user guidelines” without any information or their “right cause” is totally unfair and a bummer.