Live chat support


I tried to contact support. By mistake, in the Chat window, I clicked the wrong buttons (“reporting a bug”) and now the chat support says “conversation closed” and cannot restart the conversation. It looks like there’s no other way to contact support.

Is there anyone on this community from the Support team?

Try reloading the page or using Private browsing to be able to chat with them again.

Alternatively, you can always email the support team here:


I haven’t seen any evidence of human existence/assistance in the live chat window here: It says “Get in touch with an OpenAI support specialist” above the bottom-right “Chat with us” link, but I’ve sent several messages (incl. feedback, bug reports, and payment issues) over the past 2 weeks (along w/ emails) and still can’t get a response. I’m paying for the Plus version too and still can’t speak to a human.

After the message says “conversation closed” I don’t think there is a way you can reopen or update it after submitting, but I have been able to open new conversations. At the bottom of the Chat window you can click on “Messages” (next to “Home”) to see all the ones you’ve submitted, and there is an option to “send us a message” below them which creates a new conversation.

I still haven’t gotten a response to any of them though, or the several emails sent to and which is ridiculous. They have billions of dollars in investments but won’t offer standard customer support like every other company does. This makes it pretty clear that they don’t care about their customers despite the claim that their intention with AI is to provide a benefit to all humanity, especially when considering these articles: