Horrible customer support

Me too! every 1.5hrs I get kick off of 2 or more hours.
It’s bad enough that it’s mindset is based on a liberial background hiding very valuable information on serveral fronts. Elon has got something better coming out soon enougn and then I will switch.

I can’t even give chatGPT a snippet of code and ask it to make a change and send the complete code back to me. (I’ve tried literally dozens and dozens of times) It makes mistakes constantly. I once asked it to create a little piece of code to perform a certain function, the code didn’t work so I pasted it back and it told me that the code was not sufficient to perform the task I wanted. I just can’t with it, you’re almost better off not using it at all or just thinking of it as an advanced search engine rather than AI.


I’ve had the issue of chatgpt4 being unclickable while either 1) typing a prompt or 2) while it’s forming a response. The only way to scroll or type in another prompt, is to refresh the page. I’ve this problem for 3 weeks and have not gotten a reply beyond a couple other’s having the same issue.

totally agree. Absolutely terrible. I had a paying account and now no service… no relpy…no help…and the auto ‘help’ is highly innaccurate. Unreal. $20/mo and crickets.

Support still sucks! I’ve been charged over 3 months without access, they can all go enjoy themselves by themselves