ChatGPT Team: A learning assistant based on ChatGPT

This just dropped: ChatGPT Team.

Seems like there was something about the reports this morning with a new feature, especially a learning assistant!

Product description:

Blog post:

Summary by ChatGPT-4:
The blog post titled “Introducing ChatGPT Team” by OpenAI announces the launch of a new ChatGPT plan designed for teams. This plan, called ChatGPT Team, offers a secure and collaborative workspace optimized for use in work environments. Key features include:

  1. Access to Advanced Models and Tools: It provides access to OpenAI’s advanced models like GPT-4 and DALL·E 3. Additionally, it includes tools like Advanced Data Analysis, and GPT-4 with a 32K context window.
  2. Collaborative Workspace and Admin Tools: ChatGPT Team comes with a dedicated collaborative workspace and administrative tools for effective team management.
  3. Data Privacy and Control: The plan ensures that business data and conversations are not used for training the AI models. OpenAI emphasizes its commitment to data privacy.
  4. Customizable GPTs for Specific Needs: Teams can create and share custom GPTs tailored to their specific requirements and workflows. This customization requires no coding and can be securely published to the team’s workspace.
  5. GPT Store: The introduction of the GPT Store where teams can find and utilize popular and useful GPTs.
  6. Enhanced Efficiency and Quality of Work: The integration of AI into organizational workflows is shown to improve productivity and work quality. Testimonials from industry leaders and studies, like one from Harvard Business School, highlight these benefits.
  7. Pricing: The service is priced at $25 per user per month when billed annually, and $30 per user per month when billed monthly.

This plan aims to redefine how organizations operate by integrating AI into various business processes, enhancing efficiency, and fostering collaboration. The post encourages teams to utilize this new plan to improve their productivity and collaborative efforts.

I hope I will have some time later to check it out!


Screenshot 2024-01-10 at 11.29.21 AM
You can upgrade at

Very cool.

Edit: It would be beneficial if someone who joins the Team subscription could share what the message cap is.


Just appeared, getting scooped by GPT store for buzz, but important news to many.

Noteworthy features beyond Plus (and brief FAQ):

  • Minimum 2 users (was 3)
  • GPT-4, with 32k context
  • Share GPTs and chats with your workspace
  • $30/user, or $25/user prepaid for year ($300/seat)
  • Prepaid users work similar to “user seat budget”, and you can add more.
  • Faster, better…
  • Admin console
  • Dedicated workspace
  • Bulk member management
  • Admin roles
  • No training on your business data or conversations

I hope that more can be shown soon about user administration, that phone numbers and individual accounts are less of a bother, and that centralized billing makes it a snap.

Announcement Link


@grandell1234 My current limit on Teams in 100 messages per 3 hours.


That is more than double ChatGPT+, very nice.

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Yea, not bad. I am still working on comparing outputs to see if there is any tangible speed or quality difference, but right off the bat my first issue is that several of the functionalities that appear in the release announcement are actually only (currently) available to Enterprise level customers.



Very cool, if you don’t mind me asking, what dashboard access does Teams get?

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How does billing actually work? If an admin creates a team and invites another person who already has ChatGPT Plus, does it mean the admin will pay for both accounts while the invited person still has to pay for their personal account?

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So far, I do not see any difference in the Dashboard. Other than the shots I posted above, the majority of the ChatGPT side is the same (with the exception of a new shiny Diamond image next to your name) and the API side is identical. Most of the enhanced workspace management options are not available without Enterprise as far as I can tell. Although, you can now have separate accounts and switch between business and personal on the GPT side rather than only having multiple orgs on the API side as before.

My team however has not accepted the seat invites and got everything setup, yet. So, it is possible some aspects get updated when the rest of the team is on board. I’ll report what I find out.

Referenced Shiny Diamond:



Hi @corozcop and welcome to the developer community!

I actually setup another account specifically to test this. Both the Personal and the Teams account remain active and the Admin account pays for only the Team workspace. On the dashboard you can switch between the Workspace and the Personal account. In my example account, the Teams Workspace has access to all features and the Personal account has none. So, it looks like the monthly/annual fee for Teams can be applied to an existing account email without integration and essentially acts as a second subscription for that email address.


Has anyone seen any indication that this ‘Team’ level has the same data encryption measures and SOC 2 compliance as the ‘Enterprise’ level? Everything I’ve been able to find states it has data privacy and is secure, but unsure if this means the same thing.


The enterprise terms have been updated today:

What if I use GPTs in ChatGPT Enterprise or ChatGPT Team?

Your end users can build and share GPTs internally with each other within your workspace. The same commitments we provide for ChatGPT Enterprise and ChatGPT Team also apply to your use of GPTs within those workspaces. Note that if your workspace admins enable GPTs to be shareable with the public, any GPTs that your users choose to publish externally are subject to review for abuse and misuse. Learn more about GPTs.

Edit: But I also found this statement:

ChatGPT Team’s security measures are detailed in our Security Whitepaper (SOC 2 compliance coming soon). Read more in our Trust Portal.

So, I guess it’s not as clear cut but there is a perspective going forward.

I’m trying to understand the billing. So if i purchase the new Teams plan (montly at first to try) it will be $60 a month as you need 2 people minimum. Does that mean we (friend and I) can cancel our personal monthly plan?

Also, in the new Teams, is every query public? Meaning public to the team, such as dont ask it dumb questions that could get you in trouble at work, if its used for work… lol

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One of you two will be the admin, probably the one with the credit card that pays, and this person can remove the other from the team.
In this case the kicked person would need to get a new subscription.

Regarding “public”, I expect you can have your own private chats but I haven’t signed up for the service, yet.

its just confusing… cause it seems like you are buying 2 more accounts on top of your current account… unless it replaces your current account with the 2 new accounts and each user gets like a new “Team” channel and “Personal” channel? But that doesnt seem right either as when you go to your “Personal” account it asks you if you want to upgrade to teams, and trys to make me sign up again… Just wish it was a little more clear and why i went with the monthly sub… for now

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I ask myself the same question but then again, let’s just wait a few days and see what the early adopters have to report. A upgrade next month is still possible.

From what I can see it’s likely two different things: one for the workplace and one for private use. If one chooses a workplace solution for private use then there is no need to keep a second subscription on the monthly expenses list.

Hope this helps!

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very confusing, what is the maximum users we can have? since it say minimum

Thank you @BPS_Software for sharing the message cap for Teams. Are you aware what the message cap is for Plus or Enterprise in comparison? Thank you.

149 users for Teams. Enterprise begins at 150.

@supernovanancy The Plus cap is currently 40 and Enterprise is advertised as having no message cap.

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