Moving over to Teams GPT today!

I got the invite to be on the company GPT plan today, not sure how I feel about it. I’ll still keep my personal but i’m wondering if anyone else has made the switch? Any note-worthy differences?

Im guessing the GPTs we create through teams would be company property?

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I believe Teams has a higher message caps on GPT-4 and tools like DALL·E, Browsing, Advanced Data Analysis, and more…

Sounding like other Team members cannot share/edit the custom GPTs … sounding like they’re tied to individuals in the Teams account…


I thought one of the key features was the ability to share GPTs and assistants, finetunes etc. :thinking: We’ll have chance to check today.

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Likely depends on your company!

Teams is just for ChatGPT, not the API. Those are two difference concepts.


Solo developer here.

Not a fan that I can’t get the same perks as teams without, well a full team that I don’t have. The no training and the increased messages is kinda vital for the product offering. On a busy day I’m in 3.5 a lot more then I care to be. May as well use Bing for free at this point.

I shouldn’t be forced to pay double for two seats, one I won’t actually utilize to get these features on the “Pro” account. I would expect all these features to be in the pro account off the bat.

Starting to look at Google’s and AWS offerings already because of this.


Likewise I won’t be using any GPT plans my company gives me other then what is directed by my manager. It’s always tricky when you start using online resources from another person’s company.

Safe to assume anything you cook up on their account is their property.


It is currently 100 messages per 3 hours for Teams users.

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I do agree that a “PRO” version would be awesome, some 200 message limit maybe? no training option… maybe a stackable $5 top up for more goes if urgent kind of a thing… I’m sure that kind of thing is being looked into though.


Teams is one of the best things I have seen added to ChatGPT since I joined the community. The ability to keep your company’s data private without spending the $108,000 base entry fee for Enterprise is great.

I think it would be great if you could pay like $25/$30 a month to receive access to a higher message limit and access to private conversations.


Is there any way to transfer ownership of already created GPTs?

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I found and answer for you. It says that in the coming weeks they will introduce an account migration option, enabling users to migrate their ChatGPT Personal (Free/Plus) workspace to their ChatGPT Team workspace, thereby transferring all chats and GPTs to the latter.


How about an adjustment to the level of censorship at a premium price.


It’s not just a move from $20 to $50 to get more time on the AI. You need minimtwo teams accounts so it’s $100.

Two key features:

  1. You can manage the team members.
  2. Billing annually.
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Each account is $30/month of $25/month if you prepay a year…

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Ah, the life of an old Fr qc webmaster recycled into a trucker, right from the late 90s and 2000s. Time flies, passions fade… But hey, with all this new tech hype, I’m feeling that old spark again. Trouble is, everything’s so pricey now. It’s like the creativity matrix is just out of reach, thanks to capitalism. Reminds me of my younger days, splurging on endless software, apps, and games, just to keep up with the hardware race. And here I am, thinking, ‘Not this again, noooooooooooo!’ :sob::sob:


It is 100 messages per 3 hours for EACH user in team, so two users = 200 messages per 3 hours?


It is 100 messages per 3 hours for Team, so two users can make 100 messages per 3 hours, so in edge case one team member can use 100 messages and second one will have 0 messages remaining?

Note: I do not have a ChatGPT Team account so can only infer from what I know from this post.

The limit of users is 999 based on what can be entered in the setup page for ChatGPT Team.

Now if there were 999 users each asking just one question in one hour, then many would not be able to ask any questions if the limit was 100 messages per 3 hours for all Team members combined and the forum would surely be flamming with negative post if that were true.

So I would safely conclude that it is 100 messages per 3 hours per User of a Team. :slightly_smiling_face:

This is just a speculation. OpenAI could implement that 'amount of purchased users * 50 messages / 3 hours = message rate for Team". We need facts instead of guessing.

Math says that: 40 messages = 20 USD (GPT PLUS), so 2 messages are for 1 USD. So if you spend 50 USD per month (in yearly plan) then you get 100 messages. If you spend 100 USD per month (in yearly plan) then you get 200 messages.

In other words: everything is speculation and we should know facts, because from my perspective paying 50 USD per month (in yearly plan) is worth to pay when each user has 100 messages per 3 hours. If not then GPT Plus pricing is better/more optimal in terms of costs if user rarely hit message cap rate (or does not hit it at all).

If you create a team account and invite someone else into your team account, can they automatically see your entries and can you see theirs?

Can you create a work arrangement with a collaborator to share a Team account where the overlap is only a few pages, but most of it is to be kept to yourself?