As a solo developer, I'm not a big fan of Teams getting extra features I can't get, unless

Teams seems to be pushing the solo developer aside. I want the extra usage/3 hours, but I don’t care about admin features, and I don’t want to buy two accounts. I am happy as a Team of One.

My options to get the extra cap, afaik:

  1. convince a family member or friend, they NEED ChatGPT
  2. find another solo (and random) developer/user and develop enough trust to split the cost
  3. buy myself a second account and get more cap than I probably need

Yeah, a $30/month Solo Pro account with the extra features would be nice. The Teams was a nice surprise, though.


“Higher message caps on GPT-4 and tools like DALL·E, Browsing, Advanced Data Analysis, and more”
Can anyone tell wat exactly the cap and “more” for team accounts are?

Maybe we band together and get a group Team account that is shared by a confederation of solo developers, solopreneurs, and hackers? I would be happy to lead on that and commit to however many seats people would need.


This is a good idea. I think many solo users would love to join a team where they can all enjoy the extra message cap.

The Teams message cap is 100 messages every 3 hours.

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If you plan to develop custom GTPs, check this comment from the other post about Teams.

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TLDR: I think it is very apparent that the individual and small group developers are being pushed aside and @cass has a great idea of building what could lead to a democratized version of this. I would love to see something like that. However, based on the current implementation and roll-out, we should probably wait and see how this is going to pan out before we try to solve today’s problems; because they are not likely to persist tomorrow.

Unpopular Opinion Warning - The Rest of the Story

If you are a solo dev or a small group, I would honestly take a beat and wait on moving forward with Teams…especially if you are on the fence. It has only been 2 days, but with multiple orgs now on Teams and projects for several clients in play I can say that (at least in my use cases) the main value of it to those clients is in the sense of security they feel against their data leakage by not having OpenAI train on their chats. Other than that, and a message cap increase, the experience and capabilities are very much the same if not hindered in some cases.

I don’t want to throw shade AT ALL, but what the “Teams surprise” really feels like to me is a very quick response to “Why can we not get any answers on simple group billing questions” and “What is taking so long for smaller devs to get Enterprise” than anything else. At least for me, it makes perfect sense now why my team billing inquiries have been ignored for several weeks.

I acknowledge that the amount of resources required to manage such massive growth for any organization are extreme. However, in the end, the answer to those questions turns out to be:

“Well, because here is another product, a new intermediate tier if you will, that solves at least one of those problems and, if you have 149 other people complaining about your issue, then you’ll get some priority support on whatever that other thing is.”

More than anything, it really appears to more strictly stratify OpenAI’s priority between large firms and small firms. So, IMHO I would wait until some of the fundamental issues with adopting it are sorted out (and a new iteration is released next week :rofl:) before you dive head first into it and start unsubscribing from any personal Plus accounts (or purchasing multiple accounts to increase your message cap…because maybe just use the API side). The GPT Discord AMA from today gives a little insight into this thinking. Aside from the layup questions, the responses given by the team to some of the harder hitting questions boil down to: “We know it is a major issue and it is a priority and we will handle it in time.” So, I guess what all my diatribe really means is just: let’s wait and see.

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All good points.

I also looked into it and it appears all members of the Team have to have the same domain email address?

This is not a problem for me as I could create emails on my domain daily but I think for most solo people it would be weird to have another email address to log in with? (different builder profile, etc…)

I’d be happy to cover the extra $5 per month for people so the Teams account is same piece as Pro for people.

So are people really interested ?

If I get 10 or more “I’m in” comments I will talk to OpenAI sales team and make it happen.

Note: I do not have access to a ChatGPT Team account.

Can you provide a reference for this?

In checking I find

which shows

which can be taken to mean a user can use any email address as there is no limitations noted.

In fact, I believe that solo developers should not be excluded from improvements. Expanding the extra usage limit would offer substantial value to any user who engages with this tool in a meaningful way.

Imagine, for example, if GPT 4.5 or GPT-5 is only released for those who have Teams. It wouldn’t make any sense.

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“Imagine, for example if GPT-4-32k is only released for those who have Teams…”

Thanks to @EricGT ! Yes you can have different email addresses as part of your team!

I have gone ahead and created a team account and successfully invited the first team member from with a different email address!

Let’s do this.

If you want to join in add an “I’m In” comment here. I will DM you with access.

I’ll cover the extra $5 per month and each person will only ave to pay $20 per month but get a full team account.

I think this will be pretty cool actually because it will be a space where a bunch of solo developers and solopreneurs can learn from each other and grow faster.


I think it would be great for you to create a topic discussing your idea and asking if anyone is interested.

That’s a great idea. I will do that now. I will include a link once it is created.

EDIT: Done. Here it is.


is the 100/3hrs per member or per team?

Hi @mdw and welcome to the community. The message limit is per user.


Hi, please let me know if this is possible. I’m in for this. Hopefully I get notified you replied! I just made this so that I could answer you.

The 100 messages every 3 hours is per member is if you had 2 members all together you would have 200 messages every 3 hours.