Would anyone be interested in joining my team?

Would anyone be interested in joining my team to enhance our GPT usage capacity?

Looking for a partner to join my team and share GPT access costs. Together, we can maximize our usage and benefits. Let’s collaborate!

Note: I am not an OpenAI employee. This is not advice but just a moderator noting related information.

Please see the Business Terms

Specifically this sentence

You may not make account access credentials available to third parties, share individual login credentials between multiple users on an account, or resell or lease access to your account or any End User Account.


Thank you, Eric.

I want to clarify that I’m not reselling or leasing my account; I’m merely inviting one person to join my team. From my understanding of the terms, this doesn’t seem to be a violation. Additionally, I feel that the cap for GPT-4 for individual developers has become somewhat unfair since the introduction of team subscriptions.

I am not an OpenAI employee. It was not meant to say you can’t do this, just pointing the statement out; that is what a good moderator should do. This reply should not be seen as saying you can do this either.

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Certainly, Eric. If you indicate that this is not permissible and choose to delete this post, I completely understand. I’m just sharing my personal opinion. From the standpoint of a solo developer, the disparity between the Plus and Team accounts does seem quite unfair.

There is no need to delete your post. What @EricGT was saying is to keep in mind what OpenAI’s Terms of Service state. You can contact support for more clarification if you would like.



if anyone is interested, please feel free to send me a direct message

Just FYI,


Anyone you add can add as many people as they want to the team.

I’m sure you’d spot it quickly enough, but if I joined you, I could upload a list of 998 emails and (instantly?) Have ~1000 of my friends on your account with you on the hook for that—especially if you didn’t notice right away.

Edit: Just want to add this here, the vast majority of people are good and wouldn’t do this. You’re far more likely to meet someone just like you wanting to get the teams features without paying double for it—you might actually make a friend. But there is a significant risk you’d be exposing yourself to. I just wanted to make sure you were aware of that if you weren’t already.


Thank you.
Would you like to join me?

I believe openai will resolve this issue swiftly

Lol, I’m set, but thanks!

I wish you luck!

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I’m curious as to why this bug hasn’t been addressed yet.

Because it’s not a bug, it’s a feature by design.

Remember, Teams is a business product, meant to be deployed within a business where it would be expected someone isn’t going to add several hundred random users to a team because they’d probably get fired.

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If OpenAI doesn’t implement a Builder/Developer Plan, I’d be surprised.

Give us more messages/3 hours to develop and test GPTs specifically. It’s ridiculous that I have just 8 prompts an hour to develop and test my GPT.

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How about we form a team, just the two of us? We can each have a cap of 100 messages. What do you think of this idea?

Since it has been confirmed by OpenAI that this is not allowed, I will close this topic. I don’t intend to delete it because when you asked the questions, it was a valid question. Even as a moderator, I didn’t have confirmation from OpenAI at that time, but we do now.