Why I lost my gpt4 API access?

I received the email a month ago, and then I start to build the application and test, but today I suddenly found that my lost my access to gpt4,

message": “The model: gpt-4 does not exist”,

Anyone meet the same situation? and Any one can tell me how to get support?

The application I built is going to be deployed next month, I need the gpt4 api, so, help!!!

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I’m sorry ,I have no idea for this. Because I don’t get it. :innocent: :innocent:

I suddenly lost my access to GPT4 api, so I want to know why and what happened


This happened before. Seems like they are freeing up idle accounts.

OMG, do you know how can I get access again?

Reapply like you did before and explain your situation there?

You may also try to get the api from azure (took us a month to get a meeting and another to get access to GPT-35 model and I guess will take another to get GPT-4 - but you may be lucky).

Till then I suggest to use chunks and summarization to get more tokens on GPT-3.5.

I feel you! That must hurt! I am very sorry!

Thank you so much, and I really hate this, cause they don’t have email inform me that they will clear the idle account, and even after this they not inform me either.

And I found there’s no place to make complains.

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I have flagged your question for moderation. Would be good to read something official about it. Maybe it was a mistake.


clear idle access should have some public policy or at least some inform or warning. Because of the price, I normally use GPT3 API to develop and test. Maybe that’s the reason they cleared my access.

You are welcome. But I wouldn’t expect too much. Try searching the forum. This happens quiet often.
Mostly because people get access and try to use it some weeks later.

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I am not an OpenAI employee but a user with moderator rights to do some of the chores on this Discourse forum.

I see you flagged this for moderator attention but moderators on this site can not resolve the OPs problem, only OpenAI billing staff.

As noted in

  • At the bottom right on https://help.openai.com/en/ is a message icon. image Click the icon then enter a message. My understanding is that you will be asked for an email address then the OpenAI staff will contact you via email. I hear it can take weeks before being contacted but remember that this is one of the fastest growing apps ever, please be patient.
  • Please DO NOT SHARE personal information (email, credit card, etc) or account related details publicly.
  • Asking account related questions in this forum can often create more confusion for the community than provide assistance.

I encountered a similar issue with GPT-4 access. I had early access to the platform and devoted hundreds of hours to developing a solution. Unfortunately, we lost our organization details, keys, billing history, and more. Despite numerous attempts, I’ve been unable to reach anyone at OpenAI for assistance. We had to re-establish our organization, which allowed us to reconnect with our keys, but our billing history remains inaccessible. It came to my attention that OpenAI might require a $1 billing through the API for access, so I implemented code to generate $1.50 in billings using gpt3.5-turbo and ensured it appeared in my usage. However, as of this morning, there’s no billing record, no usage history, and I still lack GPT-4 API access. I have tried multiple times to use the platform support forms and have yet to hear back from a human. If anyone hear knows of any way to reach a human in billing, or any tyhpe of actual customer support, that would be good news.


Completely the same story here. It’s up to them if they give me access to 4.0 or not, but erasing my team members and billing history is driving me crazy. My investor is telling me I am useless, and he doesn’t want to invest more. The worst thing is the company not communicating. If you promise everyone you will give access to 4.0 at the end of July and you didn’t - it’s bad. But when you are not able to let people know and send one simple email or post an announcement - this is a major disrespect.


i AGREE with you same here with me the bot here just close the chat on you in the FACE
i need open ai now but
belive me in the day 1 that i have another good opprtunity i RUN from here !!!
AND i mean to every day remember to open ai how they suck in every espect of giveing service (maybe the 4 suck if this is result FOR the mother company!!!)

I have GPT-4 but don’t really need it. It is possible to get the same results with a little bit more efford in prompts from 3.5. But much cheaper.

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I got answer from their “support” team. They don’t even bother to read our message.

I asked why THEY removed:

  • API 4.0 access
  • deleted my team
  • delete invoices

After 3 weeks they answered me with this generic **** without quoting original message:

Hi there,

First off, we’re very sorry for the delay in getting back to you, and for the trouble you had accessing ChatGPT. As we’ve scaled quickly, we have been working hard to catch up with all the interest and outreach from customers like you. We strive for much faster response times and are working on improvements to get back faster.

Sorry for the trouble signing up! If you previously deleted your account, we unfortunately don’t support creating a new account under the same email, or reactivating the old account since deletion is permanent.

Although we don’t allow reusing email addresses for new accounts (even if you deleted the old account), you can still sign up for a new account by using a different email address. If you don’t have an alternative email address, try using what’s known as an email subaddress. Instead of:

* *jane@example.com* *


* *jane+alt@example.com* *

Emails to this address should still go to the same inbox (everything after the + is typically ignored by your email provider), but we’ll treat this email as a new account.

Please keep in mind that we require a phone number to verify new accounts, and previously deleted accounts still count toward our two accounts per number limit. If this is your second account, you should be able to use the same phone number as before without any issue.

If you’re trying to make other changes to your account, we recommend taking a look at our reset password process, common billing questions, and other account FAQs.

- OpenAI Team

So yeah, now I am pretty sure they just hate and disrespect their customers. It was a big mistake to begin anything with them.

I never saw behaviour like this, on some crypto marketplace you wait very long time for support answer, but at least they try to resolve your problem.

I never saw deleted invoices (wtf?) and not delivering promises without bothering to try to inform customers about anything.

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you lie !!!
gpt 4 will have ability to photo
gpt 4 can run code
gpt 3.5 is nothing and very very stupid!!!
and i fine tune him but he just cant do what 4 can do

The GPT-4 doesn’t have the ability to photo, whatever that means. You can still just insert text there.
It won’t run code as well.

What you are talking about is the code interpreter. And it doesn’t come automatically, just because you bought the plus membership. You have to be selected as a beta user for that.

That’s nothing you can buy.

Actually it seems like you are lying here. Because finetuning GPT-3.5 is not available yet.

And I repeat that GPT-3.5 is capable of doing what GPT-4 can. But with alot more efford. Behind GPT-4 there are highly trained and specialiced models. When you use GPT-3.5 for code generation you will have to do some prompt engineering and explain exactly what you want.

Let’s say GPT-3.5-turbo is a guy with a bachelor in Software Engineering and GPT-4 is a guy with a mastes degree and 2 years of experience in programming.
You will have to explain to the noob, who just left university with a bachelor alot more when you expect some good code.

But the results are both not state of the art.

It is like sending a guy to a supermarket and tell him “Hey, buy all the stuff we need for the birthday party” - and GPT-3.5 comes back with a cake and some candles and GPT-4 comes back with a cake, some candles and a few packs of beer and popcorn.

When you want GPT-3.5 to buy beer and popcorn for the birthday party as well, you will have to tell it.

look on SuperAGI on github and tell me if they not implement LLM on 3.5
and if you have 4 even without the photo it run the best becoze the ability to check code before he give crape like gpt3.5
i fine tune my self the 3.5 can show you