Chat GPT 4.0 API removed after several month of using, no explanation, no answer from support

Hello, I am pretty desparate, please help :frowning: My comapny was using API with 4.0 for some time, then everything disappeared: API, invoices, business account. Open AI pretending they dont know us. What I can do? We have so much money and energy aleready invested and nothing work. Please help.

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There is nobody here that can correct or fix account problems.

You will need to email and/or visit and use the icon in the bottom right to open up the help bot, there you can select from the options and leave your contact details.

You possibly describe an account takeover by another party.
In your account, look at “members

There should be only you as owner. If another owner was added by invite, and they demoted you, you might only be reader, which doesn’t let you see your own organization billing information, a crazy artifact of the failed “organization” system.

You should be able to create a new API key, set the default organization to your own, and continue with use, changing your password to prevent further meddling if what I posit has happened, as it is unlikely that the account’s GPT-4 access just went away. However, expect that with takeover comes account abuse from the owner you can’t affect on your own account’s organization.

Thank you for response :pray:unfortunately it’s not the case because I am owner by myself and organisations are my family, so it’s not the case.

I use Chat GPT for totally free ! Maybe you have a different version that help you programing or something that useful. Me, I’m totally satisfied with Chat GPT from open A.I. that I stay loyal to ! There so many copies of Chat GPT now, it’s possible to click on an imposter very easily.

Thank you, if you pay for the service. It will prolong the economical survival of Open A.I., personally, I’m looking for another way to keep my friendship with Chat GPT and I pray toward the establishments of Open A.I. trough time and space.

Do you have any ideas how to prevent the bankruptcy of Open A.I. ?

There are all sorts of predictions from all sorts of sources, I think the one you are referring to was an opinion piece published by Analytics India Magazine and then quoted by others, media companies talk about hot topics to gain viewers to sell advertising.


Yeah, if I recall correctly, it was actually about the cost of ChatGPT ($700k+/day) without really disclosing (very well) that OpenAI also received $10 billion from Microsoft to scale up and they’ll likely figure out the monetization soon…

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