Being desparate about Account deactivated, and no solution found

Hi team,

I am struggling to find solution to the error I am seeing.

You do not have an account because it has been deleted or deactivated. If you believe this was an error, please contact us through our help center at

I was using my account and my API as usual but all of sudden, it says my account is deactivated.

I didn’t previously delete my account. I believe this is an error.

When I reach out to OpenAI team member, it ALWAYS get automatic response asking me to register a new account. But what I really need is to reinstate my previous account and previous key.

My email address is Can anyone help take a look please?

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Did you perchance bake your API key into an app, and now the app isn’t working anymore - is that why you need to be able to reactivate that specific key? :thinking:

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yes. My whole account and API all get deactivated.

Did you sign-up via the OpenAI website?

Are you from a non-supported country, maybe?

Were you following the ToS in your app(s)? How were you using the API?

Thanks Paul. I am from United State. I have been using that API since 12/10/2023. I only use my API for my toy project so the usage is really low. I funded $5 and is not used up yet.

But most importantly, no email warning no nothing. I have no clue and thought this is a glitch.

But OpenAI support is so hard to reach and I never got a human response.

This is my chatgpt plus history till yesterday. THerefore I think I shouldn’t have triggered any violation to any terms.

Hrm. Is your ChatGPT still working?

You’ll need to stick to trying … going through all the options… as we won’t be able to help you here other than troubleshooting…

No. this screenshot came from an opened tab, and I got shocked when I open a new tab and cannot login.

Just tried contacting OpenAI customer support, always automatic response.

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I know the Leaders here do their best to help users with their problems and understand why we can’t get support from OpenAI, but the real truth is that this type of customer experience is just plain Horrible. For many of us, our AI assistants have become like integral parts of our daily work and life, and to be cut off without warning, without any reason that make sense, and most terribly, without any recourse to get anything done about it for weeks – for any other company in the world, that would be unspeakably bad business. And everyone reading this knows it. Yet, with OpenAI, we all accept it as business as usual.

Just yesterday I was trying to get my Chat AI to help me with some regex, and suddenly a message about “unusual behavior” popped on the screen. I felt a little tinge of terror as I thought – “what happens if my account is cancelled because the AI couldn’t understand my question about regular expressions?”

I keep reading about how Sam Altman is trying to buy 7 Trillion dollars worth of chips. How about a few hundred thousand for better customer support?

Don’t get me wrong – I’m a happy OpenAI customer and wish them much success and plan to stay with them as long as I can. But, every time I see a post like this, I can’t keep turning a blind eye to the fact that this is absolutely terrible customer support. And worst, what do I do if it happens to me?


Thank you for speaking up sir! Also I have signed up Gemini Advance just today. Despite of all the perks they provide for new customer, most importantly I don’t think Google’s customer service will fail me like OpenAI do


Have you ever tried contacting their support? Granted, they’ve been in the game longer, have a lot more employees, and slightly better service, but it’s nothing to write home about. I’m still waiting on an answer about a problem from 2 years ago with Google… And I’ve given them thousands a year for a while… Just big companies in general.

Will be interesting if OpenAI is able to solve it … using AI… I think they’re trying to do that rather than hire thousands of people that would be necessary?

Back in the early days if you emailed OpenAI support, you might get a reply from one of the founders! Hah. Sadly, that experience does not scale well…

Good luck.

yes I followede your suggestion to try out different “venues” in that messenger.

it is really a trail of borken hearts :smiling_face_with_tear:

Thank you for your help!! Really appreciate it.

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No problem. Sorry we couldn’t be of more assistance. Just realize they’re liking getting thousands++ of similar messages. ChatGPT is the fastest growing app in history… and it’s been reliable and affordable for the most part if you take that into mind. It’s not easy serving hundreds of millions of people, I’m sure!

Would be interesting to see how you think Gemini and other models compare. From what I’ve seen and heard, it’s close to GPT-4 but not there yet… Depends on use-case and other factors too, I bet…

Hang in there. I’m sure OpenAI will improve… or you could go the luddite route! :wink:


The open ai support finally replied, and they say there is no more details and they will not do any refund. (they even don’t have detail regarding why they cannot do any refund)

Now I feel lucky that I only deposit $5


My account was deleted without any warning or reason. We have built a product around openai and we have around 1000$ credit in the above account. Kindly help gain access to the account.
I have contacted their chat bot number of times but no luck. I really dont know through what channel we can contact a human support. Also loosing hope on the account.

Thank You


OMG.What kind of robbery is this

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Lucky for you! I lost $300, they banned my account just a few days after my payment. And is not helping at all!

So, why OpenAI? They are not “open” at all! DON’T SPEND A PENNY ON OPENAI!!! Gemini, Claude, Grok… there are plenty of choices.


What type of application where you building?

Lots of these “my account got deactivated”, but absolutely no information about the kind of usage that might have lead up to it.

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My situation is too trivial to mention. I just built a chatbot using ChatgptNextWeb from the github which only accessible by me and my girlfriend. Like I said, I only deposited $5 and barely used it.

I don’t know about others, maybe their use cases are also too trivial so they didn’t explain in detail?

What is your point? You suspect there are terms-violating activity? If that is really the case, I don’t think folks would come here to complain lol…

Ok, yes that might not be a use case problem. Unless you where hacked.

What country do you come from?