Where to find GPT store, I can not see it

I cannot see the GPT store on chat.openai.com. It still shows the old version, but it has some features like reporting and feedback. Does anyone know if this is a problem I have to contact Openai, or if the store is not yet ready for the EU?

  • I also have plugin dev access
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First I take it that you are a ChatGPT Plus subscriber.

Second, the update is occurring as a rollout; it does not happen for everyone at the same time.

This popup appears when you have received the update. So no need to ferret about looking for access to be hidden somewhere.

Explore GPTs



Is it OK if a moderator closes this topic?

I had plus subscription. the matter of rolling out gradually solved the issue.

Before you close the topic, can you provide how long the rollout period is expected to take?

I have no idea, a few days to a several weeks, maybe even more.

Since you are seeking to be upgraded before closing this, I will leave it open. That does not mean I can get you upgraded, just that I can refrain from closing this topic.

Hi. I wanted to clarify that if I see the ‘Explore’ option in the left-hand menu, but it only shows me a limited list of GPT’s under a heading "By ChatGPT’ that I am waiting for the update to be rolled out to me? I am a plus subscriber.
I have been able to get GPT’s when there’s a link to them somewhere else that takes me directly to it (ex: an email). I just don’t see the whole store as pictured in the release announcement.
thank you for your help!

The link is Explore GPTs

In a private window, or not logged in, you’ll see some featured GPTs with links, but not be able to search.


If newly-logged-in, and you only see the OpenAI’s “Laundry Buddy” type GPTs, you can hard-refresh your browser to see if anything new is offered (with that reload of all network resources). It is holding down CTRL + the UI refresh button on most OS/browser combinations.

Thank you for the reply. I have tried the refresh several times, logged out and back in, and restarted my computer. This is what I see. Not sure if I need to clear cache to resolve this or not…

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I should have added, "if doing all that still gets you just the prior simple “my GPTs” page, the solution is to wait for full roll-out".

The search function is the only big feature beyond the “private window” version of GPT store.

You can then search for and see innovative GPTs, like ones that depict cars as race car bed images…

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Ok thanks for your help. I guess I just have to wait. As the post from @EricGT in this thread indicated there’s no telling when the rollout will be complete. Feels like they should have been clearer about this in the announcement and I’m not getting full value for my subscription fee having limited access to the full store.


If you go to Explore GPTs in an incognito window, you can view the store and look around. Once you find a GPT you want, bring the link back to your regular window and you can then use the GPT.

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Thank you for the work around. Although it should not be necessary especially since I’m paying for the subscription.

I’m also on this page. I am also a member, but I do not receive new feature push.

Same for me.

I’ve been a paid subscriber from day 1, but can only see OpenAI’s GPTs, and GPTs that I created myself or specifically got a link to.

I’m in the EU so maybe there is an issue with the rollout here? If so, can someone from OpenAI please let us know approx. planned rollout date?

It should make this a lot clearer as, like others, I’ve googled a lot to find out what’s going on, or if I’m missing the obvious, using the wrong link etc.

I also looked up a lot of things, but there is no useful explanation. But it’s safe to say that the vast majority of PLUS users already have GPTS. We must have been officially missed.

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One of the answers claimed that Openai officially expects a three-week moratorium on new feature rollout. According to this theory, we won’t know until February.

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“I still don’t have GPT Store available. Is it possible?”

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