What do I need to do to get access to the GPT store?

I am an OpenAI developer for more than 2 years and also an OpenAI Community Library builder. I built a couple of GPTs last month. Probably my account was created before more than 90% of users. I have GPT Plus and Team subscription from day 1. What do I need to do to get access to GPT store? It was released last week and I still don’t have access. I always receive updates after everyone else. Even my friend created a new account and gained access to the GPT store. I lost the initial advantage of market opening, and I also lost my enthusiasm to build something for it. I don’t think I’m the only one who feels the same way…


I’m struggling to get mine up too. Currently getting the “Not authorized for account” error… Not really sure what to do from here

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I can’t access the store either. I created a gpt last week. It works great, but I can’t access the store. What gives?

I’m in the same situation. Still no access. It’s frustrating, for sure. Are there any admins monitoring that can assist?


same to me…

You just need to wait. It’s a staged roll-out and it just hasn’t hit your account yet.

Just to clarify…

  1. You can’t access the store?
  2. You can’t see your public GPT in the store?


  1. I can’t access the store.
  2. I checked it from my friend’s account, some of my GPTs are in the store but they are tagged as community builder, not by my name.

Same boat here still not able to see the store in my account, very frustrating! I have so many ideas I can make a ton of money very quickly and I can’t access it!!!

Since there is no way, presently, to make money from the GPT Store your time and energy might be better spent developing these money making ideas with the API where you have drastically more control and can bring to life your vision in a truly uncompromised way.

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Still learning how to do that, any suggestions on how to learn besides YouTube



and this,


Would be great places to start!

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Thanks, I appreciate it will def take a look at those

Still don’t have access to the GPT store. This is so frustrating!

I don’t have access either. I wondered if it was hidden somewhere and I couldn’t find it. Been checking for days.

I still don’t have access to the store either and I have been using pro since it started. Very frustrsting not having access when I have been a subscriber for so long. New features should be enabled for long term subrcibers first.

my new plus do can access gpts store, maybe for yours location?

Same here from Germany with a payed plus account. No store, only my GPTs and some by openAI.

I’m not sure how this works. Say I have an custom GPT in the store. Even if I give it for free I still have to pay when the users use it?

Like everyone else, I have been a paying subscriber from early on and I still do not have access. I understand the “just wait” “its a staged roll out” etc… but there should be some sort of priority for loyal members. The press, social media influencers and bloggers got access almost immediately. Those “roll outs” should have gone to the loyal members instead.

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