GPT Store launch day speculation and guesses!

It’s Tuesday 12:16pm ET and the GPT store hasn’t launched yet. When do you think Open AI will pull the trigger?

My guess is a midweek launch on Wednesday 10 AM PT!

What are your guesses?

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I figured it might be a monday wherever they are so maybe a tuesday for me

OpenAI is mainly in PST. So likely the morning of Wed / Thu, evening in Europe.

In any case, we shouldn’t have high hopes, the tam of a custom GPT is tiny given that it requires you to have Plus to use it, and an unknown path to discover it. We also yet don’t know how revenue share could work.

180 million users → 250k plus users (

Each pays 20$/mo → 5 Mill/mo = 60 Million $ annually.

Assuming a rev share of 10% (very generous) among all the custom GPTs a user uses, the theoretical limit of what a creator could make is a maximum of 6 Mill a year if your GPT is the only one used and is used by ALL users (unthinkable, of course).

A more plausible scenario of a successful GPT creator:

  • Keeping the 10% of rev share
  • 1% of ChatGPT Plus users using your GPTs
  • Those users use equally 5 GPTs of different creators (including one of yours)

= 6 Mil / (100*5)

Sums up to 12k A year for each of these, very successful creators.

i.e. Don’t expect to be able to make a living off of the GPT store.

250k Plus users is an estimate. I think it is very low.

Some users on twitter have reported stumbling across the store

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Patience it’s the key!
I hope there’s going to be a way for new custom GPTs to have a chance.

Interesting… I wonder if it’s real. I checked my account and nothing yet.

I can confirm that the screenshot is real. When a staff member showed it to me a couple of days ago, it looked just like what they are showing. I think the oddest part is the fact that they have sent it out to only a few people. I wonder if it is going to slowly roll out to all GPT+ subscribers just like GPT’s did.


Honestly, they can roll it out a slow as they like as long as they roll it out to all users in some capacity not just to GPT+ users.

I don’t believe it is going to be rolled out to all users as all GPT’s use GPT-4, Code Interpreter, and DALL-E. These are all features only accessible to GPT+ subscribers. Having GPT’s available to free users would make the subscription useless.


@grandell1234 I’m sure you’re right (at least out of the gate) but a dev can dream, right?

This seems way too simple. Aren’t there many new features except for the classification of GPTs and trending GPT?

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I personally am a fan of how simple it is. I don’t want to be bombarded by hundreds of GPTs at a time, so how they split it up into sections is very nice.

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Agreed. A lot of people on here seem to want a ChatGPT version of Apple’s App Store.

I’m hopeful that the GPT store is made and designed for users first and foremost, not as a get-rich quick scheme for devs.

I’d be much more interested in seeing a new API model, fingers crossed!

My thought is that they are going to go the Twitter route:

  • One million impressions = .001 cents

so for GPT terms it would be:

  • A hundred thousand conversations = .01 cents
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I feel like a lot of people will be disappointed that they didn’t become rich overnight, especially those who are concerned about their GPT being “copied or stolen” when it’s just a 2 paragraph prompt anyone could replicate.

Hopefully they have a good way to combat all the shovel-ware we’re already seeing.

It shouldn’t just be a store. This is what I told OpenAI.

Previously, I had studied information on the prompt market from various websites. Don’t you think that people who trade in prompts should be more worried? He had nothing to protect himself, but there were still people who could. Therefore, there is concern about GPT still being exposed to data or the use of Knowledge which is still a problem. Do you think that there is no solution or proper way to create that even if it is being seen? Or we just don’t know how.

Additionally, I think it’s the qualities of a developer to survive on the store. It must have more abilities than you think. Strange AI, if you don’t count its market value. The value proposition of the store is finding developers to work with. Selling CustomGPT is just the first step. As OpenAI is an AI service provider and everyone is a user of the service. There are many things he can do in that, another world of ChatGPT.

But I think OpenAI handles things unrelated to AI development so poorly that it’s worrying.

Oh my God it actually is ranked only by initiated conversations.

All GPTs are reviewed before being added to the store.

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Also, by category, if you don’t have enough conversations to be added to featured but you are in a category that is near the top of the screen, your GPT could get very popular.