How to get access to GPT actions?

Following the new announcement I tried to fllow the guide here OpenAI Platform to create actions. But I got the error
“You do not currently have access to this feature” Is there a waiting or approval for this feature? If so how to get it?


Same here. I’d like access to this since I have a few verified plugins I’ll need to migrate.

i have the same error message “You do not currently have access to this feature” when accessing /create. is create GPT region locked? i have a gpt plus subs.

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Doubt its region locked, I also tried that. In the states. Its most likely slow rolled out.

Same message in Sydney Australia, can’t access to this new feature

Just be patient. Be grateful that this is the greatest day so far in the computing history since the Turing Machine was invented.

The system is telling you clearly:

Your access to custom GPTs isn’t ready yet. We’re rolling this feature out over the coming days. Check back soon.


Yes, the same thing happens to me too. It tells me that access to this feature is not available. I just tried again, after a few hours, and it’s still the same. Let’s hope it will be available for all of us, especially for those with the Plus subscription.

Same here :frowning: Im loggin in from Latin America.

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it really seems like they are rolling out the feature gradually to ensure everything works perfectly, let’s cross our fingers for it to be available soon :face_holding_back_tears:

I asked ChatGPT to come up with the opening to a gif meme of someone hitting refresh while waiting for GPT access. I can confidently say that this was not cherry picked. I blame the prompter.


Im sitting here twiddling my thumbs in-between refreshes…

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Same here in Turkey.

Previously, the dall-e plug-in had come to my friend next to me but not to me. I think it is slowly coming to users, regardless of geographical situation. It’s good to be a little patient

Unfortunately, I think the answer is they’re letting their family and friends front-run and dig their headstart in against us, along with the attendees who received a $500 grant to do so as well.

But we should be allowed to join this race within a week or two I imagine.

Btw, if you want to use actions in custom GPT you need to build a plugin and it must be in the pluginstore. else it does not work…

So if you want to start developing, just start with the plugin and get it accepted.

And to test it just use custom instructions. Because the custom GPT is not much more than a chat that helps you create custom instructions… and it is not really good to be honest.

Better write the instructions by yourself.

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Is this true?
There is no waitlist for plug-in developer access any longer and if one does not have that access, yet, there is zero chance to get access to the custom GPTs/Actions?

I hope not…

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I hope the naming conventions are more diligent than on the other plugins on-platform interface. Some didn’t get a free $500 and my $18 is expired so it’s on my dime if i accidently reupload an image they way-oversized. But now I guess I see one reason they did it if it costs so much to send it back up to it.

Anyway, I like this company but I don’t like this disadvantage.
On Platform (pay per token), you can make ‘assistants’ already, but maybe the trick will be that those don’t convert right in when we have our ability to put selectable usable things up before the store gets full, and the poor-quality search of it leaves most plugins nearly undiscoverable. Why is ‘new’ arranged in alphabetical order instead of new for example.

To answer my own question, I believe from this interview with Logan Kilpatrick that all users will eventually be able to create GPTs, but am actually not 100% sure.

I’ve seen within 1-2 weeks the projected delay.
Not bad in the grand scheme but i think this first mover advantage will be much bigger than on most platforms. Then add in ease of use (after learning it)
It is not good.

Business as usual I guess.
We just deliver more value and communicate better :slight_smile:

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Even I am waiting for this feature. I am a plus user and also run a funded company in gaming, where I want to use GPTs to level up our games. If someone from openAI is reading this, please allow access to my account. Thanks.