GPT Store still unavailable for me as a builder

It’s been quite some time since the GPT marketplace launch announcement.

Yet, I still don’t have access to the marketplace.
“Explore” button as before gets me to my GPTs and GPTs built by OpenAI.

And looking around, it seems like I am the rare one with no access(

I have been raving about GPTs and general and building them myself for quite some time. And I am still locked out of the store.

Maybe I am missing something?
Changing browsers, clearing cash, log-ins log-outs did not help.

Hrm. Strange. Do you have a screenshot you can share?

Have you logged out and back in? I’m not sure if they’re rolling it out separately around the world or not.

Yep, tried everything I could come up with, including logins, etc. But the interface still is pre-GPTStore - only MyGPTs and Made by OpenAI

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Hrm. Really weird.

I would reach out to and explain the situation if you haven’t already. Good luck in your quest.

I have the same issue. I am a Plus user and I still have no access to the GPT Store. I think it’s a progressive rollout :frowning:


Have the same issue, still no access to GPT Store. I’m in Europe, if that possibly have anything with it to do…

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I’m in Italy and I have the same problem. I don’t see the store



I try to tag similar topics with Topics tagged store-rollout.


I also wrote a post on the forum today about not having access to the GPTs Store, titled “Navigating the Launch of GPTs Store: A Personal Experience”. Initially, I thought this issue was unique to my account, but it seems that we, as users, are no longer voicing our concerns to OpenAI as frequently. In essence, the GPTs Store isn’t of paramount importance to me, but on the other hand, what’s increasingly frustrating is that every longer prompt results in a ‘network error’. This issue is becoming a significant concern.

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I think you’ll find better GPTs in the store from here. The store there is still incomplete GPT, lacks constant rotation, And some of them are even worse than the custom ones I know Made to test, I’ve never seriously pulled the GPTs in store. The difference I know is some people don’t think about having a personal website. in order to put it in the store0 But there are good ideas want to have more fun with friends. While in the store you will find GPTs to promote websites. Or the organization along with the stored capabilities require you to pay extra.

Even i am looking for it. The closest to what a store would look like is what we see in the plugins sections and look for more plugins.

Store OpenAI.

Im also still waiting to get access. Ive created quite a few GPTs that I want to release to public.

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