When the new voice model for ChatGPT-4o will be released

literally thinking of moving to claude 3.5


Yeah, I’ve just subscribed Open AI ChatGPT because I understood the 4o was already released but now I’ll have to wait I dont know how long to actually use it.

Hope I can still cancel it.

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u can cancel it. and get money back. i did that. just remember to unsubscribe in your iphone too if u using it.

Sky was THE voice we ALL liked… need something more soothing and mature, less hyperventilated than the new ones


OpenAI on X: “We’re sharing an update on the advanced Voice Mode we demoed during our Spring Update, which we remain very excited about: We had planned to start rolling this out in alpha to a small group of ChatGPT Plus users in late June, but need one more month to reach our bar to launch.” / X

Oh well, like i though.

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Thankfully it looks like a French company is coming to the rescue. Search YouTube for Kyutai AI Voice. Not only is it pretty expressive but it’s also a local model, which you’ll of course never get from open ai.

Has anyone noticed that the display quietly changed from “in the coming weeks” to “in the fall”?

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I agree and the real voice of Sky is a voice actor. Is she now not allowed to earn an income because ScarJo will claim that the voice sounds just like her. Surely she does not have a copyright to the way she sounds. It would be different if Openai represented the voice of Sky as being Scarlett Johansson but they didn’t do that. Perhaps the name shouldn’t start with the letter S. Maybe if they bring her back and called the voice Mildred then Scarlett Johansson wouldn’t have a case because it’s clearly a completely different name. And they spoke about a case years ago with Bette Midler but in her case they used her song and had another actor perform the song. That was an original song that Bette Midler had released so that is copying. But if they didn’t copy something that’s original to Scarlett Johansson, I don’t see how she can lay claim to the way her voice sounds as being infringing upon her somehow. That is just unbelievable.

Unsubscribed and I will think again if they can release the new voice mode.

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Btw you’re right. They still didn’t mention the year though, so it could be the fall of 2028 or something

I’m really starting to think about unsubscribing. There aren’t many benefits compared to other free AIs.

if they keep pospone the release they better get the sky voice back