New models and developer products announced at DevDay

Hey all! We are thrilled to announce GPT-4 Turbo with 128K context and lower prices, the new Assistants API, GPT-4 Turbo with Vision, DALL·E 3 API, and more.

Check out the full blog post to learn more: New models and developer products announced at DevDay


Really enjoyed the show + learned a lot.

I used to think OpenAI was going to form a cognitive layer around the planet.

Now I see a bigger opportunity.



will those updates available for free chat gpt user?

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Really appreciate the new capabilities are usable in the playground, and the lower costs :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I’m confused. Why does GPT-4-Turbo think:
a: it only has 8k context window?
b: its knowledge cut-off is Sept 2021?
c: assume, but not know, that it is GPT 4?

Did you set a system prompt with this data? Even the latest LLMs are known to hallucinate facts and make things up…

Hi @PaulBellow . Thanks for your reply.

I’ve not set a system prompt. However, temp is down to 0.

I’ve found all previous models to know their own model number, token limit and knowledge cut off. This is especially true when you have no previous conversations or info loaded that could potentially cause confusion or hallucinations.

Have you been able to validate the upgraded model on your end somehow?

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With no system message? Let’s try “previous model”


Then let’s try preview:


So you appear to be wrong, just like both models.

If you program your AI correctly with augmentation, you can ask it what you want:


There’s a spelling mistake on the website:

2nd paragraph - “capabilties of the Assitants”
You can explore the capabilties of the Assitants API using the Assistants playground or by building a step-by-step integration outlined in this guide. At a high level, a typical integration of the Assistants API has the following flow:


It’s amazing ,let’s start to run it from now

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The new chat glitches. Responses are either slow, cut results or stop working. The options to “explore” are now removed from my menu and after awhile I can no longer even log in. What is happening and how can I bring back the old functionality?


We’re currently navigating an outage impacting both API and ChatGPT.

That might be related.

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Greetings… may i ask currently is there any updates on-going? cuz both my 3.5 and 4 chatgpt prompt “Something went wrong. If this issue persists please contact us through our help center at”. Thank you

Hey Shawnlee !

There is a major Outage across ChatGPT and API.

Check the statut here


I haven’t been able to create a GPT yet, it tells me I don’t have access even though I have the plus subscription.


I honestly cannot wait to test out assistants. It’s definitely going to lead to an entire generation of innovative ideas.


Same. It’s annoying that the blog post says it’s available now and provides a link… but it isn’t available.

If they’re slowly rolling it out, it’d be nice if they said they were slowly rolling it out instead of saying it’s available now, when it’s not.


Experiencing the same thing here. Definitely agree.

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i think you can try testing out assistants here OpenAI Platform, but i only see 3.5 models available.

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