GPT-4o Audio API Access - OpenAI said weeks, not months!

During their demo on May 13th they said it would be out in a few weeks!

Now its been over a month!

It would be nice to have an update for the developers waiting to implement this, something along the lines of ‘hey, its going to be a longer wait than previously expected’ or perhaps a heads up on how the api calls are going to change

At least letting us know how to differently treat the audio files, or its going to stay the same, would be greatly appreciated by the dev community!

So far, no access to test it on the beta access of android and ios apps! No news on it, so I guess it is what it is!

Yeah a few weeks in techbro time :laughing:

IIRC it took like six months from the announcement for OpenAI to release vision, and when they did it wasn’t even with the model the said it was gonna be with.

So I think it’s prudent to:

  1. Exercise patience
  2. Lower your expectations

I’ll ignore the first sentence. Regarding vision, the difference is that OpenAI’s leadership never said anything about releasing it in a few weeks, at that time, they said something along the lines of “later this year we’ll release vision” and they did.

  1. Patience has been exercised
  2. I refuse to lower my expectations, my expectations includes OpenAI respecting their word or a least communicating that plans have changed.

This is the sort of action, or lack there of, that hurts the trust given to this corporation - it’s a slippery slope. It is fine to delay it, better than delivering something broken or unfinished - just communicate it. That is all that I am asking from the leadership.


It was released to some people within a few weeks of the announcement, but it is in a major beta section, as they publicly said.

Communication? Trust? Accountability? Dude. Come on. They’re too busy brazenly & arrogantly conquering the world to care about these things!

They have proven many times that they do not, and will not communicate these things.

At least here you have something tangible, unlike Google’s promises, which are ALL promises and nice advertising. :grin:

Is it possibly tied to the fact all the new Apple Ai Enabled products will be released in the fall ?

I’d rather them fix the broken JSON and other formatting issues that GPT-4o has before releasing another broken product. I’m hoping that’s what they’re burning time on here.