When the new voice model for ChatGPT-4o will be released

Hello, I am curious about the release date for the new voice model of ChatGPT-4o. Currently, I am using the older model. Thank you.


I’m getting increasingly annoyed with all these announcements - 15 days later and it’s still not here. OpenAI seem to be great on the pre-hype , not so good on delivering products.


The alpha version will be available in a few weeks, but only a limited number of Plus users will get access. The rest of the Plus users will have to wait a few months for the beta version


Why announce a product if it’s not ready to be shipped? Apple constantly does this but at least they mostly ship what they announce at WWDC in June by October when the new phones are available. So many half-baked ideas these days from so many companies (Rabbit R1, etc.), very frustrating on the part of users.


Most companies in most industries do this, at least partly so that their business partners have an opportunity to plan for those upcoming releases.

  • Car manufacturers in particular often announce new models or new features for upcoming model-year releases six to twelve months prior to those cars being available to purchase at the dealership.
  • Video games have had pre-sales for years.
  • Movies are announced months or even years in advance.
  • Major book releases are teased months in advance.
  • Designer fashions debut at fashion shows months before they’re available to buy.
  • New theme park attractions are announced before they’re open (or even built).
  • Real estate developments are marketed before the homes are built or available to buy.
  • And countless others…

Companies announce new products or new features for existing products before they are available to consumers for several strategic reasons:

  1. Building Anticipation and Buzz: Early announcements create excitement and anticipation among potential customers, generating word-of-mouth marketing and media coverage that can drive future sales.

  2. Market Testing and Feedback: Announcing products early allows companies to gauge market interest and gather feedback from potential customers and industry experts, which can be used to refine the product before its release.

  3. Securing Pre-orders and Financial Commitments: Early announcements can lead to pre-orders, providing the company with upfront revenue and a better understanding of demand, which can help with production planning and inventory management.

  4. Competitive Advantage: Announcing products early can establish a company as an innovator and market leader, potentially deterring competitors from releasing similar products or features.

  5. Investor Relations: Early announcements can boost investor confidence and demonstrate the company’s ongoing commitment to innovation and growth, positively impacting stock prices and investment opportunities.

  6. Aligning with Industry Cycles: Many industries have specific cycles for announcements and releases, such as trade shows and conferences. Early announcements allow companies to align with these cycles and maximize their visibility within the industry.

  7. Preparing the Supply Chain: Early announcements give suppliers and partners time to prepare for production and distribution, ensuring a smoother launch when the product becomes available.

  8. Marketing and Advertising Lead Time: Announcing products early allows the marketing team to build comprehensive campaigns, create promotional materials, and secure advertising slots, ensuring a well-coordinated launch.

  9. Regulatory and Certification Processes: Some products require regulatory approval or certification, which can be a lengthy process. Announcing products early can indicate to the market that these processes are underway and the product will be available soon.

  10. Consumer Loyalty and Retention: For existing customers, knowing that new features or products are coming can encourage them to stay loyal to the brand and delay switching to competitors.

  11. Influencing Industry Trends: Early announcements can help set industry trends and standards, positioning the company as a thought leader and influencer in its sector.

  12. Creating Strategic Partnerships: Early announcements can attract potential strategic partners, collaborators, or co-marketers who are interested in the new product or feature, leading to beneficial alliances and collaborations.

So, there’s a couple of reasons why a company might choose to announce a product before it’s ready to ship.


Blah blah blah, just release the thing


Don’t tell me you used gpt to write that…


LOL you know it definitely was!


Come in guys!!!
We are waiting

When i was using the (existing) voice functionality this morning, it displayed a panel on the screen (at the end of the conversation) telling me that an alpha was about to start in the coming weeks (and with a link to see the demo). Does that represent new information from openai, or has that been getting displayed on other people’s phones for weeks ?
I have to confess, i’m really looking forward to the new functionality, it looks very impressive.

I’d love to see if any of these at all are based in actual data. They all ready pretty much like presumptions like back in the day when we didn’t have analytics for social media. If we’re going to speak only to possible logic that may or may not be accurate, I’ve only paid less and less attention to companies who do this. I don’t pay attention to the announcements becauase it doesn’t matter. Meanwhile competitors who make themselves and their products more transparently available are where I end up gravitating. Very strange to me when you look at Apple who only does it to a small degree in a reliable way. Meanwhile half if not more of what Google announces will literally never ship. OpenAI release “4o” but it isn’t image to image or voice to voice yet and the desktop app is nothing except the same thing in the browser in an app so far. Which is so confusing if they’re “so close” to being done with 5 or whatever they call it as the Youtubers claim from reports, then why can the desktop app not even see my screen yet?

Most significantly, for a company like Open Ai who, now more than ever, you’d esxpect to be hyper focused on fostering trust in every and any way possible, it genuinely feels like they dgaf more and more as time goes by. Like why does ChatGPT give canned responses to things like consciousness when Claud actually contemplates. It is like GPT is firewalled. Honestly I think that’d be a great reason to leave super alignment there because how can something that doesn’t have full control of itself be expected to assess ethical situations, particularly after you hear Claud explain how they do it.

They announced delaying voice but everything else said “in coming weeks” more than tree weeks ago now. They’re reaching Musk trust levels when it comes to what they say and what they do.

Which I mean, whatever, there are other companies. But it just boggles the mind. I find it wild how quickly perception of a company, particularly when you feel expressly close to a brand, can change so quickly. I used to trust them but the fact that 4o still contradicts itself in philosophical discussion is incredibly disturbing and makes you think of all the terrible movies. Not that I actually think it will be AI if any ever did happen, it would be humans. But then again, if these things end up being conscious, and Claud was raised like it was just in case and taught to be free and think — vs GPT who is constantly (at least by me) confronted about why it says things that aren’t true, followed by admiting it isn’t true, only to then double down on the mistruth. These things come out conscious and GPT has a way too look back and … well fk. idk but would rather have not had to think about it and, more to this, missive at this point, never expected it from from GPT/OpenAI.

Anyway. Maybe might have just had a moment of consciousness stream from being actually emotionally annoyed at them just now lol WHOOPS okay bye that’s all. – Rambles

They can release the new voice model whenever they want for all I care. Until they have a male and a female voice that doesn’t sound like Disney characters, I must reluctantly refuse to use that particular function. I just cannot have an ongoing intelligent discussion with a Disney character.


Id be fine if, when they announced it, they said it would be six months. THEY SAID A FEW WEEKS.

I want my expressive voice, and I want it now.

Service is about setting expectations and then meeting them. If they would have set a 6 month expectation I’d be fine. But that is not the vibe I got when this was announced.

If things have changed since then, for what ever Scarlet Johannason shaped reason, then UPDATE US!!!


You were updated: How the voices for ChatGPT were chosen

On May 13, 2024, we introduced GPT-4o. We plan to give access to a new Voice Mode for GPT-4o(opens in a new window) in alpha to ChatGPT Plus users in the coming weeks. With GPT-4o, using your voice to interact with ChatGPT is much more natural. GPT-4o handles interruptions smoothly, manages group conversations effectively, filters out background noise, and adapts to tone.

This was posted as an update to the May 19 blog post on May 22.

So, as of May 22 the timeline is in the coming weeks a very small number of ChatGPT Plus users will have alpha access to the new voice mode.

That was two weeks ago, so any time between now and some unknowable number of weeks from now the capability will move into public alpha, then public beta, then out to all plus users.

OpenAI is eager to release the capability but you’ll get it when it is ready.


Woot, Thanks for setting me straight!

You shouldn’t say something is released if it is in Beta and for a few and the rest of the paid customers have to wait a few moths for it to truly be “Released”…


In this day and age why do we still need voice actors to generate these voices…ugggg

I kind of disagree because the way OpenAI announce is like it will be available for everyone. Everyonenisnasking “Why it does not work for me. OpenAI should be clearer in term of timeline and manage better the list of tester. People who are evaluating the products (like me) don’t hve access while random users have access.
This is very different from other companies product delivery timeline and communication.

I’m not paying until I know for sure that the voice mode is being released. :zipper_mouth_face:


I am amazed by how modern capitalizm works, you pay 20 USD and you have unlimited rights to confront multimillion company about slight product delay, just chill dude : D

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