A note to OpenAI Developers

I wanted to express my appreciation for all the warm, thoughtful, and supportive messages I got and I’ve seen posted across the community.

Despite a moment of uncertainty, our commitment to developers remained steadfast.

In the meantime, please know that we are continuing to prioritize stability and security of our systems. Our engineering team remains on-call and actively monitoring our services.

In all events, our commitment remains to our customers and our mission. Thank you for your continued trust.


Thanks, @logankilpatrick

Here’s to the future!

Team OpenAI all the way…


The message is appreciated, thank you.

I’m hopeful for the future and look forward to the continued support and innovations from OpenAI.

Are you able to disclose if it’s possible to do an AMA later this week?


Keep up the great work, OpenAI; your innovative strides in AI are shaping a brighter future for us all!

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Appreciate the message. Hopefully, you all can be more responsive to your customers’ errors (especially suddenly lost threads), “unable to access threads”, and answer your customers’ urgent request (especially very important tasks) using humans, not bots or automated replies or using “a list of QA”, which are not very useful to some power-user/advanced users here.

Also, prioritizing stability and security is good, but you should take a look your bloated “safety measures” that throttle your functionalities.

Anyway, just a curious (no harm intended) question, are you a bot masquerading as an OpenAI staff? It’s not easy to distinguish one as an AI you can post “formative posts” like this and do nothing just for the sake of good appearance.


Caught it two hours ago, :heart_hands:



@logankilpatrick While I appreciate this sentiment, with over 75% of your colleagues signing a petition to walk out, how can we be so sure that the statement you’ve just made is accurate?

If OpenAI loses 75% of its staff in the next hours, how can we be confident in your sentiments?

What is OpenAI’s plan to keep the doors open if you lose 75% of your staff?


If there is no response to a question to a post,
I have no idea what that means…

However, Andrew Ng’s tweet is worthy of note.



Your message is very appreciated. Since many of us rely on the OpenAI API for our businesses, it’s crucial for us to be informed promptly about any changes that may impact our operations


We as devs are literally 4 days in limbo as if the services will even be provided or built upon if every talent walks out the door any second. That statement is crazy to make in such conditions.

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What better testament to the power of Artificial Intelligence than if OpenAI loses it’s top leadership and 75% of it’s staff but is still able to keep it’s doors open and systems running with the help of AI.

I’m not so concerned about it all. There are at least 100 developers on this list, let alone a couple thousand highly skilled tech people in Northern California who would gladly go volunteer to help keep OpenAI’s doors open. This problem will easily take care of itself.

I’m way more nervous about Sam Altman going to Micro$oft.

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Dude, what is going on?

OpenAI is like on stilts or in shambles (no one knows)

and all X/twitter is is a love circle jerk which makes no sense. What. is. going. on.

API endpoints are all up, so I’m happy for the moment.

Hopefully, we’ll get more information as it comes out.

I don’t think OpenAI would leave so many of us hanging…


Thank you, the work you all have done is phenomenal.

How’s dall-e-3 for you?

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Be open and accept other sciences more than this. As you always look at the same problem differently from other fields of knowledge. Even though sometimes the problem doesn’t come from AI. The impact of AI on society, the solution doesn’t just lie in the development of AI, but at least this place is better than Ba…D that doesn’t use real humans to check messages. It’s disgusting to say that such a thing is an AI. I hope it doesn’t do that.

So far, so good!

We noticed it not on the rate-limits the other day. I think it might be because it’s changing so frequently? Might’ve been better to keep it listed and add ??? RPM or a note that it’s changing depending on network status…

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I didn’t see it coming either, but after having worked with the OpenAI team for the last 4+ years, I’m confident they will do everything in their power to keep things running smoothly for us, the developers that helped get them where they are now.

No, OpenAI is not perfect, but they’ve come a long, long way in the 4+ years I’ve been following them… It’s unsettling, I get it, but I think they’re working to make sure none what’s happening negatively affects our businesses.


Paul if I asked you before a few months into the future if you think Microsoft would randomly come out with “AI Studio RPG character sheets for Enterprise”…

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