ChatGPT New Update rollout - waiting and waiting

Since the demo came out for “live” communication with ChatGPT, I’ve been anxiously waiting for it to be available to me. I’m a paying subscriber so I had hoped I would have received it by now. Has anyone received it? How is it working?


You and me both…they dangled the carrot in front of us and now on eternal hold…and no clear answer about when it will come out….quite disappointing.


Just like Open AI’s Sora, Microsofts VASA-1; etc.

I don’t think it’s the best business model myself. If it were me, I would just release it as a surprise. See how things play out for a few days and let it sell itself. Then, release additional information on the products capabilities.


Yes I agreee, at least they can give us limited access first for some time.


OpenAI (now ClosedAI thanks to micro$oft) is maybe entering the market universe like all other big companies.

They need to announce updates once in a while to keep investors interested. Even those not yet ready to release.

“Today we are releasing this great product called ABC!”
“Nice! Where is it?”
“In our labs…”

This is what Google is doing since their desperate move to make their own A.I. Announcing promises, or even fakes, to keep investors with them.

I hope Sam could make it better, releasing products other than promises. :man_shrugging:

I don’t even know if that ChatGPT omni 4o assistant could be used massively without overload.


I’m glad it’s not just me. I was especially looking forward to using the live language interpretation model. I guess this announcement without a date attached means that at some point in the “future” it will come out, but we shouldn’t hold our collective breath just yet.


Heading towards the end of June and still waiting…

I hope they’re fixing the shortcoming in semantics cross correlation. chatGPT always searches for answers in the subject field of the prompt but does not seem to understand multiple meanings in english semantics. Like the word navigation, it looks for information on marine / ocean but ‘navigation’ also relates to gyroscopes and space orientation. It’s easy to create a problem in one field but where the solution lies in a different field. chatGPT does not make a relation of semantics and is then incapable of giving a solution. As humans, who has lived their whole life in a specialized field? Society and the job market force us to explore other fields and gain experience in multiple field. For instance, a human figured out that image analyses used commonly in astronomy were exactly the solution for medical images. chatGPT does not.