When I log in to ChatGPT, I am prompted for a login failure and a message "something went wrong. please make sure your device's date and time are set properly"

I used the same method by updating my Google play store and reinstalled my chatgpt

thanks, I solved by your solution.

This is very frustrating.

I’m a Plus User an I get the same error “Please make sure your device’s date and time are set properly” etc. since Feb 17th 2024.

Tested on different ios devices, with WiFi, on cellular network, even with my google account as an alternative. Same issue. My login works on the desktop computer but not on the ios App.

OpenAI support was not helpful.

Any ideas?

Apple User.

I found a solution for this.
I deleted the app completely off my device.
I restarted my device.
I downloaded the latest version.
Logged in.


:white_check_mark: hope this helps!

Thanks Vinous,

I tried that already.

What I found out in the meantime, that I have the same problem on different ios devices (iphones and ipads). Only when I came across a iphone 11, it worked. Looks like it is device type related.

Immediately after successful login the app tries to carry out a health check on the device. Then, the error message pops up.

Reinstalling the app and restarting the device resolved the issue for me.

Note: As additional measures, I turned off iCloud Private Relay (in the iCloud settings) and Limit IP Address Tracking (in the wifi setting) although I don’t think those were any issue at all.