Can not make GPT public - no name shows up in builder profile

Hi developers, I want to make my newly created GPT public, but it’s saying that I need to setup my builder profile to make my GPT public.
But in the builder profile page I can only see the domain but not my name:

Any one encontering this issue before?


Is this because I’m using Apple to pay plus plan so openai cannot get my billing name? lol

Are you getting option to create GPTs? For me, its coming like below:

i can,but how to add a new domain? can you share your experience? thank you

Like you, I purchased through Apple Pay, but we can’t make it public. Have you solved it?

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I got access today morning, so I guess it is been rolled out gradually.

Hi can you tell how much time it took for your domain verification?

Yeah same thing for me, it says “anonymous builder” and it asks to create my builder profile, let me know if you find a way to edit the builder profile. :thinking:


Same situation over here :confused: Subscribed via Apple Pay, as well

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Similarly I’d like to not share my full name in the GPTs developed. Is the work around a domain name? If so I’d consider hosting a domain strictly to append an alternative name to the GPT, but would prefer the ability to adjust the name.


I successfully verified a domain tonight.

I noticed that after I hit Check and it verified, it wasn’t available in the dropdown. I refreshed the page and started over, and the domain was available. So, it’s likely just a mistake in the UI that will hopefully be fixed.

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I had my TTL set to half an hour, but it verified in a couple minutes. I had to refresh to get it in the dropdown list to assign it, though. Good luck!

Same here. Is there a solution right now? Or do I need a domain?

I’ll ask around. I’ve heard of a few people not having name available, but I’m not sure 100% why yet…

Thanks for reply. Yesterday ChatGPT was down. So it took around 40 mins for me.

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Using your domain name can be beneficial for your personal branding.

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Yep, on the same boat. Please update if you solved this issue.


I’m the same. I can’t work out how to deal with the text file check onto my domain that OpenAI seems to require as a verification. Thought this was the whole point of building gpts without coding experience lol

I’ve now asked gpt for detailed instructions on what to do with the text file and have access by following the details.
Full details are -

To set up your builder profile to publish GPTs publicly, especially focusing on what to do with your domain and the TXT file provided by OpenAI, follow these detailed steps:

1.	Create an OpenAI Account: If you haven’t done so already, sign up for an account with OpenAI. This will give you access to the necessary tools and resources.
2.	Access Builder Dashboard: Once you have an OpenAI account, log in and navigate to the ‘Builder’ dashboard. This is where you can manage your GPT applications.
3.	Create a New Project: Start a new project for your GPT application. You’ll be prompted to enter basic information about your project, like its name and description.
4.	Configure Domain Settings:
•	To publish your GPTs publicly, you’ll need to have a domain name. If you don’t have one, purchase a domain from a registrar like GoDaddy, Namecheap, etc.
•	Once you have your domain, you need to verify ownership with OpenAI. This is where the TXT file comes in.
5.	Verify Domain Ownership:
•	OpenAI will provide you with a TXT record. This is a type of DNS (Domain Name System) record used to prove domain ownership.
•	Log in to your domain registrar’s control panel and navigate to the DNS settings section.
•	Add a new TXT record, pasting the value provided by OpenAI. The exact steps for this may vary depending on your domain registrar, but generally, you’ll need to specify the TXT record type, enter ‘@’ in the host field (or your domain), and paste the value from OpenAI in the value field.
•	Save your changes. It may take some time (up to 48 hours, usually less) for DNS changes to propagate.
6.	Wait for Verification: After adding the TXT record, return to the OpenAI Builder dashboard and confirm that you’ve added the record. OpenAI will then verify your domain, which may take a short while.
7.	Publish Your GPTs:
•	Once your domain is verified, you can proceed to publish your GPT applications.
•	Use the Builder tools to configure and customize your GPT model as per your requirements.
•	After setting it up, you can publish your GPT application. It will now be accessible publicly through your domain.
8.	Monitor and Update: Keep an eye on your GPT application for usage, performance, and feedback. Regularly update and maintain your application to ensure it functions smoothly.

Would you like more information on any specific step, or is there another way I can assist you?

A second, in my case.

But GPT has errors or something, so it did verify in a second and than told me I had to verify it…

After hitting “verify it!!!” I closed the browser, waited 5 minutes and than my domain showed up as “verified”.

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