We couldn't update your billing plan

Still having the problem here in Brazil =/

Sometimes it can take a while for the fix to roll out, give it a little time, perhaps clear cookies/ try another browser as well if it’s still giving you problems.

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cmooon fixed in spain, great job chat GPT
the problem is solved


This is the error I am getting too. I really wish they had their act together on this but is seems they are all about the technology and fund raising right now.

Just tell us we need to talk with stripe like you seem to usually do.

Hi Foxabilo, I’ve tried everything!

  • Add a new card; (unsuccessfully)
  • Add credits.
  • I cleared the cache, cookies… changed browsers.

But I still have the same problem, especially when I’m working on my doctoral thesis =/
Help me :pray:

As I mentioned, fixes can take time to roll out to all users, please bare with it.

Can you also give the exact error you are getting, a screenshot may be helpful (please cover up any personal information)

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Recurring debits were made without any problems until 02:58 (Brazil), since then I have not been able to add new credits using the option (Add to credit balance).
The error below is thrown (400 Bad Request).

Another problem is adding a new card, error 429 is thrown. =/

The 429 error is likely from many people trying to add new cards at once, that should resolve itself, but I will raise it, The error 400 and the card declines error does not seem to be the same issue.

The 429 will likely go away after an hour or two as the rush of people using the payment system dies down.


Hello everyone. Just following up to state that finally, I was able to successfully add funds to my balance. It seems they have resolved or are continuing to resolve the issue!


I’ve paid successfully, so it looks like the problem has been solved.

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If you still have a problem please send me a message.