We ran into an issue while authenticating you / billing problem?

Hi. It seems that there is a problem with our creditcard, but we also can’t login to change the card number. There is always the message

“We ran into an issue while authenticating you. If this issue persists, please contact us through our help center at https://help.openai.com.”

Is it a general problem at the moment? If not, how to change the creditcardnumber without login into the account?

API says: Your account is not active, please check your billing details on our website.

solved. there’s a system error, it has nothing to do with the billing problem

I also face authentication issues starting 10min ago. Same error. have not checked API yet.

But are you able to log back in? It doesn’t seem to mention that problem specifically in the status update.

sometimes it work’s for a short problem… but no connection to company infos. seems to be a bigger problem, but i try to wait a hour and then i will try again

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