Sudden error - OpenAI API Invoice Payment Failed


we do face a serious issue that our card have started to be declined recently. Last month it was billed fine, but the most recent one - started to fail with OpenAI API Invoice Payment Failed error.

We have not found any issues with our card (enough funds, still operating).

We tried to reach OpenAI via email and help desk several times last week - no responses whatsoever.

If we cannot solve this issue, in one week we face a disaster as none of the APIs in our existing app will work anymore.

Would love to get someone from OpenAI’s team to figure out exact problem in regards of the Credit Card.


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I have a similar issue. And on trying to add other valid credit card details, every method gets declined without stating the reason, making it hard to find a solution.

I have a similar issue. Please provide an official response on how to deal with this issue.

The official response is here Why was my credit card declined? | OpenAI Help Center

Update from our side.

We’ve wrote probably 30+ emails, got customer service support on the line - nothing helped. All answers were generic, no action points from OpenAI side, while we’ve checked everything what we could.

Eventually emails and customer support just stopped replying… Really disappointing situation which has led us to pause the project indefinitely since we cannot make payment anymore. For whichever unknown reason it is.

Have you contacted your bank and card issuer and Stripe?

Yes - bank sees nothing. CC is used frequently, have more than enough funds in it.

What’s annoying is that our very first monthly payment went without a hitch. And second one started to fail out of nowhere while no CC data was changed.

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Good morning.

I can no longer afford my chatgpt plus subscription. It is indicated that my credit card is refused but I do not understand because I have already paid with my credit card and I do not understand the reason for the refusal. I’ve been trying to pay for four days

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