URGENT: Monthly usage limit

I’m on the paid plan for OpenAI API and requested to increase my monthly usage limit from $120 to $1000. I haven’t heard back from OpenAI in a while. Has anyone else been through this? How long does it take for them to approve the request?

Have you got any app(s) reviewed?

No, I’m working on a personal quest for aspect based sentiment analysis

Hi @Fahad, sorry to hear this! We usually process quota increases in less than one business day, so not sure what’s happened here - could you email me at rosie@openai.com from the email associated with your account and I’ll try to resolve it asap?


I already sent an email to support@openai.com. Sent it to you as well.

Thanks Fahad, just got your email! It looks like your quota request has already been processed and your limits updated, please check on your end that this is reflected and let me know if there’s an issue!

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Yes, checking just now they have been updated. Thank you so much!

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@rosiecam I’m facing same issue about increase limit requested already
already send you email on above email id you mention

Kindly update the limit mention in email as well as increase limit form

Hi @mehul.strikerapps, please be aware that we normally require one business day to process quota increases, though I’m looking into this now and will try to expedite your request.

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Thanks for quick response,

it’s really appreciated, please make it asap app is live that’s why and service is stoped since last 6 hours so

Many thanks, got it now
thanks for quick valuable response

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@rosiecam and the Team,

Same here, and just sent an email to you.

Please do check soon.

Hi! I just emailed you. Same problem. Trying to get usage limit raised but not hearing back. Can you help? Thank you!

@rosiecam - just emailed you as well. It’d be great to get this expedited for our company. Thank you!

Hi folks, I’m no longer responsible for quota increases and won’t be monitoring my email for this going forward - the team in charge is aware of this thread and your requests and will process them as soon as they can.

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Hello, I’ve requested monthly limit increase but haven’t heard back from openai. Neither have I received any update

Please add me to the list for embedding calls. I have hundreds of new users of a research tool. They are all embedding PDF files for research, and I keep hitting the API limit. (Yes, I am throttling requests at this stage to manage)

The docs mention that the limit goes up significantly after 48 hours. Is this automatic, and is it possible that this is broken now? It doesn’t seem to have gone up for us. If it is not automatic, what constitutes the 48-hour window so we can code around it appropriately?

BTW: I have sent an email request - and heard nothing back either.

Hello, I have the same request. I’m connecting several Alexa skills with the davinci model. I have thousands of users every day. I’ve sent the email a couple of days ago but I didn’t get any feedback so far. I hope I will get my quota approved. Regards

Hi Rosie,
I sent you mail too for monthly limit increase.
Would you please have a look and help me to get the limit increase soon?

It will be a great help.

Can anyone-- a user or OpenAI staff member monitoring this thread since @rosiecam’s change of responsibilities-- comment on current Quota Increase Request timeframes?

Sudden cut-offs when production apps and/or high paced development are dependent on the API care frustrating. Prolonged cut-offs can be fatal to a project or new business.


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