URGENT: Monthly usage limit

I’m on the paid plan for OpenAI API and requested to increase my monthly usage limit from $120 to $1000. I haven’t heard back from OpenAI in a while. Has anyone else been through this? How long does it take for them to approve the request?

Have you got any app(s) reviewed?

No, I’m working on a personal quest for aspect based sentiment analysis

Hi @Fahad, sorry to hear this! We usually process quota increases in less than one business day, so not sure what’s happened here - could you email me at rosie@openai.com from the email associated with your account and I’ll try to resolve it asap?

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I already sent an email to support@openai.com. Sent it to you as well.

Thanks Fahad, just got your email! It looks like your quota request has already been processed and your limits updated, please check on your end that this is reflected and let me know if there’s an issue!

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Yes, checking just now they have been updated. Thank you so much!

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