Rate Limit Increase - not heard back


Is there any way to get in touch with anyone at openAI about the rate limit increase. The help bot just refers me to the form.

I filled in the form 34 days ago, and again yesterday, we’ve had to stop our marketing as existing users keep getting rate limit errors.

We’ve already added exponential back-off and streamlined the max_tokens.


Welcome to the developer forum!,

The developer forum has no ability to expedite Rate Limit/Usage Limit increases .

I understand it is frustrating when you do not receive a reply right away, however, the limit increase request form is currently the correct way to do this.

You can also use the help bot at help.openai.com (bottom right hand side icon) but I would imagine you will get a similar answer.

Some advice, anyway - you can see if you’ve done anything counter to what they are looking for in the rate limit form, which you click on within the usage limits page.

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