API Usage limit and rate limit increase?

I’ve contacted openAI about increasing my API usage limit but I have not heard back for a few days.

Did anyone successfully get their API usage limit increased?

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I finally got approved, so for others out there, be patient :smile:


How long did it take?

I think it took around 3 days to get approved for the new limit.

I’ve sent the email a couple of days ago but I didn’t get any feedback so far.

Hi! For which model did you request a limit increase?

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5 months later I never got a reply. Emailed multiple times

Rate limit and usage limit increases are not handled by the developer forum, you will need to reach out via help.openai.com or use use the rate limit request form.

Filled out the form a few weeks ago. I qualified for the tier 2 spend on the form, but still nothing. I don’t understand how anyone can build a product with any decent usage with these APIs.

Yeah, it’s crazy. I’m qualified for the “Tier 4” but I still haven’t been able to get an increase. I’ve tried the form a few times over the last month and got no response whatsoever.

You can try what I wrote there.

Mine got increased after I used the limit up multiple times (completely). Didn’t need to write them.