URGENT: Monthly usage limit

Hi FP, I’m sorry you are having difficulties. Could you please share your requested quota value and your org-id in an email to safety-specialists@openai.com? I will look into it.

While an immediate increase would be fantastic as every hour of downtime hurts, not blaming OpenAI for an undue delay as it has only been a few hours. Was inquiring as to the expected turnaround as anything more than a day hurt business. Thank you for providing contact route; will use now.

We aim to respond to quota increase requests within 1-2 business days at most but we are experiencing a very high volume of requests right now so the response might be slightly delayed. Also, our notification messages sometimes land in the spam folder so it’s worth checking there as well. Just as a reminder, it is very important to use the full org-id in the submission to ensure we can process the request.


I’m facing the same issue can any one help me we have submit request day before yesterday but still not receive the approval can anyone please let me know how we can reach out the open ai officials so we can sort this issue as soon as possible

Just a suggestion here - but if you setup an Azure account, you can access the same models (there is also a waiting period for GPT4) without the monthly quotas.