URGENT - Monthly usage limit

I am using the OPENAI paid plan, using it in a few months. I am developing B2B solutions based on the OpenAI API and they are growing rapidly. I have tried to increase the usage limit within the platform, but I receive no response. I have already waited and it has been even a couple of weeks. I have even sent several requests, but no response. There is nothing in SPAM either.

Has something similar to this happened to anyone? I currently have the limit of 120 USD and I want to increase it to 5000 per month, or as much as possible. The growth of the solutions that I am building estimates a daily spend of approximately 100 USD with my current clients.

I have stopped acquiring clients because I cannot increase the usage limit. Could someone provide me with an email to fix it or maybe review my request?

Please we need a solution here! :slight_smile: Thanks.

These are community forums, there’s a couple of staff members that stop by occasionally, but not much we can do to help. You can try emailing support@openai.com, but in general responses seem to take weeks unfortunately.

You could also try signing up for Azure OpenAI, may have better luck with their support and higher limits.


I have the same urgent problem. I need to increase my monthly limit, and submitted three requests over the last week, but no result so far.

I understand that we’re on a community forum, but I found many conversations here with dozens of users having the same issue — it would be great if someone from Open AI could provide help, or indicate how long it really takes to have an answer. The help center only tells us to submit a request and that it usually takes one business day to process a request, but that is clearly not the case for many of us who end up asking the same question here.