Unable to get a link to download Word/Excel file

Earlier when I asked my custom GPT to provide me a link to download Excel file with respect to the response, the model used to provide me with a downloadable link whether Excel or Word format. But now, it’s giving me the following error. Is something changed recently? I have my Code Interpreter function toggled On already-

I don’t have the capability to create external links for file downloads directly. My current setup allows me to provide information, generate text-based responses, and assist with queries directly within this conversation.


Hi there, have the same problem, basically all links the gpt makes doesnt work.

Hi there!

I was unable to re-produce the error in my custom GPTs - I have found no problem in getting it to create downloadable links for Excel or Word files. Same for regular ChatGPT.

What prompt(s) are you using to get it to create the file for download?

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