Issue with My GPTs now wokring and Actions not working

I’m experiences many issues with My GPTs. They are not showing, can’t save etc.
Besides that they doesn’t seem to do functions calling correctly. Iøve linked to a cloud function and 1 out 10 times the function is invoked, I checked the logs, but still not providing the requied query parameter. Other times it just says that the request failed, but nothing shows in the cloud function logs, so the function was never called.


Yeah same here in Chicago mate. If the outage still continues they should at least keep us updated. I saw that today’s status is stated “normal” so I am quite confused right now…


I have the same problem here. on my cellphone it looks normal, but on my PC it is not working

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Same here. My GPTs shows nothing. Do you think it will restore the last saved version?

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j’ai toujours ce message : Quelque chose s’est mal passé. Si ce problème persiste, veuillez nous contacter via notre centre d’aide à l’adresse

Serious ??


#4 Something random so I can post similar

I’m kind of confused because it seems to be fixed, but I’m still getting the same error, not having fun with my chat assistant since days ago, does someone still experiencing the same?

Same, nothing works, but excited for educational opportunities this will bring to some communities.

GPTs doesn’t work on my end. Server issues.

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I have created two GPTs. One works just fine and the other one always outputs an error message.

I can’t determine why. I’ve created one for my son’s Quiz Bowl team and that’s working just fine, and I’ve created another one as a work assistant, and that’s the one that isn’t working.

Has anyone run into a similar message?

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It continuously says Unable to load documents, and when I do manage to get it saved, it just tells me: Hmm…something seems to have gone wrong.

Yes! I just posted the same thing before I saw your post. I’ve created two of the same GPT’s and I get the same error for both of them.

Yes. I’m still experiencing this, but different from yesterday. Today is all down. Yesterday was struggling and reloading over and over, and I got an answer. Today just not working at all

Also, I noticed yesterday that multiples time it said it can not “analyze” image content or give feedback, but in the past it did. I asked “why u can not” and said. “Now I can” lol, I think today I’ll be out of the chat 'cuz it’s being kind of frustrating right now

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I have the same problem (gpt-3.5-turbo), already the second day. Nothing has changed since the first announcement. I receive on average one correct answer per 10 queries. The worst thing is that they announce that they have solved the problem…

I have same errors, 12 hours now not fixed yet.

What i have done is copied the instructions and knowledge to a new GPT but after few minutes it got the same error.

Pls let me know if you found solution or any update with your error

I just subscribed to ChatGPT because of the new GPT feature. I am, however, finding it a very frustrating experience. Like almost everyone else here, I cannot upload files. I am trying to create a GPT and I have managed to uploade 9 files, but I have 100+ extra files of data to download, and now all I get is error uploading files or error saving draft. The error does not seem to be consistant. I tried uploading one file at a time, thinking that it might go smoother than uploading the max amount of files (10), and I managed to get one through and save it, but after that, I only get error messages. I am based in Denmark, if the problem should be isolated to specific servers.

I had an impression that 10 files is (currently) the max number of files you can upload in total - irrelevant whether one by one or all 10 as one batch. As soon as I had more than 10 files, I could not save the GPT any more (error saving draft). When I removed the extra files, I was able to save it. I am based in Austria.

An alternative is to craft a Breeb with the ChatGPT - Breebs , and interface your GPT with it.
Current (technical) limits are 500Mo, 50 files and 8millions characters, but it will improve in future.
There are several GPTs already using Breebs as knowledge, such as ChatGPT - Mythos Maven, ChatGPT - Charm Coach 💋💘, ChatGPT - Father Guidance 🙏, ChatGPT - Climate Navigator 🌍📚

Give it a try, and DM me if you want the instructions to link a GPT to a Breeb (this is fresh from today)