Trying to find the Billing Question Chat Widget Where?

I can’t find menus on this site. I came here through a Google search. The help page has a billing panel, which says to use the chat widget - but provides no link. The search bar is no help. The only page I can open is the chatGPT window, and tells me to click the contact button at the bottom of the page – which does not exist.

I upgraded to plus today because I wanted to get summaries of some web articles.

The free service complains it can not go to the web, and if I paste an article it complains it is too long. It always says its training is only good to 2021.

OK, so you got me. I ponied up and bought a subscription.

Now that I have plus, and selected the GPT-4 option, now we are cooking with gas – then it tells me that it can’t go out to the web, and when I paste an article it says it is too long! And it says its training only goes up to 2021. Like what is freakin point of upgrading?

Its only been 10 minutes and I have buyers remorse. I also want to know how to access a tool that can do something. This looks to have potential, but not if there is a low page limit and it can’t see docs on the web, and life is a mystery after 2021.

So now I go to support to request a refund, except the website has no freaking menus. And what I can find goes in circles.

So lets start with buyers remorse. Where is the freakin billing support chat widget?

Are you being directed to OpenAI Help Center and then not finding image in the lower right?

Thanks!, like how would anyone know that is the chat widget? Maybe I should push every other random non-white pixels on the screen to see what they do. That is even lower than the fine print copyright notice on the page, and has no label.

I did note it in this pinned topic a few post down :slightly_smiling_face:

Read this before posting a new question

I did a search. It did not come up. I see the pinned topics below this, it is not listed. It is not in the first page of the community list. And who hides the chat icon without a label, and refers to a chat widget on a help panel, without any reference as to where it is. Yeah, I can see why it would be a common community topic. Ironic that an AI site has such poor search results. Anyway, I am frustrated, so its enough. Holy fn mthr of Mry that button is not the chat widget, it is sending me on another wild goose chase. Why doesn’t someone just say where the freakin chat button is?

Many people here have the same frustrations so you are not alone, but they are working on making progress. Check out the OpenAI jobs, maybe you can solve some of these problems.

Great reply. Measured response. Impressive.

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Funny thing is that I did not use ChatGPT to create that, must be learning something from having ChatGPT rewrite many things for me.

Also I am not an OpenAI employee, just someone who understands forums better than most.

Hope you get a quick reply and are happy to pass along what you learn!

Chat GPT’s ‘attitude’ is a design feature. Guessing from my reading over the years, the secular origin of this for most people is Dale Carnegie’s book “Winning Friends and Influencing People”. It is common in customer service training today.

Before that it comes from the frontier and the attitude of people who work in small groups to build something from nothing, and the knowledge of the senseless damage done by some people who took a different path and became angry and violent. We are downstream in time from all of that now and it is easily forgotten. Seems most people prefer schadenfreude instead of trying to point things in the right direction.

…Still, noticeably absent in this thread is a link to said chat widget or page it is on. So after lunch I will go fishing for it.

GUI website designer at openai … hmm there is a concept.

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The directions say to access the customer service chat widget to discuss a refund.

There is no customer service chat widget. There is an AI chat widget that gives multiple choice then ends the conversation.

Upon insisting on talking to a human, it finally relents. It leaves the chat open (apparently we are waiting for a human). At the top is says *** within one week ***

It is unreasonable to have one week wait times between lines in a chat.

----> How can I contact someone at ChatGPT <----- … I will open a community post with my request. This seems better. I guess they will eventually see it.