How can I chat with support? No send message opion

I wanted to ask support about charge from my card when I upgraded my account. $5 were taken without any pricing info, without recording the billing history.

When I went to the chat support, I found no option to send a message. How can I chat with the support on this case?

A temporary authorization hold will be placed on your card for $5. At the end of each calendar month, you’ll be charged for all usage that happened during the month.

Attempting to contact support is a nightmare at the moment, I’ve already been waiting for over a week

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@N2U thank you!

GPT Team should stress out explicitly that $5 issue.

The irony of this statement does not escape me. Can OpenAI take a hint? Like, where is your customer service chatbot?

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Which is funny is that their support chat bot is a primitive button-based replier. Not a strong solution for the GPT-4 owners.

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No kidding. I couldn’t help but laugh the first time I tried using their customer support chat. Which was probably 2 months ago, I don’t think I ever got a response. It was a silly message, though. Asking about the difference of length between embeddings in the openai library, and my API wrapper.

I was thinking “Is this a good idea if they’re not even doing it?”

Not related to your comment but my lord. All the people with lost access, the ban on ChatGPT, the rising concerns & calls for a pause in AI development.

This is all coming together quite fast.
I feel like these are the times when community, and public service matters the most.


Ha ha!!! It’s like the dentist who dresses you up in a lead smock for an X–Ray, tells you it’s perfectly safe, and then hides behind a lead wall three doors down the hall.

After passing 7 days Did it back to you after 7 day now?

@khomri12 I wasn’t able to ask a question for only buttons were available. But now I see that if I go to the Other section, I can type a question. But I don’t need anymore.

I’ve waited for 20 days now, was told “A member of our team will follow-up when they can”, haven’t received a single response yet.

OpenAI’s costumer service is so bad that it’s actually illegal, I’ve made a post about it here: